Octavio AMP amplifier


Octavio Virtuose application

Compatible with Deezer, Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon Music...

Optical and USB digital inputs (24 b / 192 kHz)

Bluetooth 5.0


Made In France

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Manufacturer : OCTAVIO

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After the success of the Octavio Stream, the young French firm launches into the amplification world. Octavio AMP’s goal is to propose a compact amplifier, both powerful and offering maximum connections and streaming possibilities at a reasonable price, while keeping its “made in France”!


The Octavio AMP takes the form of a stylish black satin textured metal housing. It’s very compact with 20 x 20 cm dimensions and a width of only 4 cm.

On the front panel, we can find a large aluminium rotary volume button. On the left, there are two aluminium buttons for the device power-up and the source selection. There’s also an indicator light on the centre indicating the selected sound source or the configuration state.

Octavio AMP


On the back of the device, there are two digital inputs: one optical Toslink and one USB. There are also two RCA analogue inputs and one RCA Subwoofer output. An RJ45 Ethernet jack also allows it to connect to the wired network, as well as a mini antenna for the Wi-Fi network. A DC socket allows to connect the external power supply.

The connection to the speakers is possible via an enormous terminal block compatible with banana connectors.

Octavio AMP


The Octavio AMP uses a digital amplification technology. The power supply voltage delivered determines the power. Thus, the Octavio AMP is offered in two versions:

  • •a first one with a 24V voltage which offers a 2 x 65W power at 4Ω and 2 x 35W power at 8Ω.
  • •a second one with a 32V voltage which offers a 2 x 100W power at 4Ω and 2 x 60W power at 8Ω. 

The amplifier has a 92% output (contrary to 30% for Class-A amplifiers). Therefore, the Octavio AMP’s 92% power is effective to drive the speakers

Moreover, the electronic system of the Octavio AMP is provided with the Sound Filter technology. It analyses the signal broadcast in the Octavio AMP and compares it to the output signal before being broadcast to your speakers to eliminate any interference or potential perturbations, thus ensuring a clear and accurate sound.

The Octavio AMP is equipped with an excellent D/A DAC (Texas Instrument) offering a 24-bits/192 kHz resolution.

The amplifier is fully connected via the Octavio Virtuose app. It allows to broadcast High-Fidelity music. The app is compatible with the main online music services: Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music…

The Octavio AMP amplifier is also compatible with AirPlay 2 and allows via UPnP to broadcast network stored music on a server or your computer directly from the Octavio Virtuose Smartphone app, the BubbleUpnP app on Android or the MConnect app on iOS.

In multiroom mode, it is possible to pair an Octavio or Octavio AMP device on every speaker  at home to play your music on several speakers at the same time and completely synchronously.

The minimum configuration required for the mobile app is: iOS >= 10.0 and Android >= 4.3.3.

Octavio AMP


Thanks to this friendly company, we had the chance and privilege to get our hands on the Octavio AMP “prototype” a few months ago. It allowed us to run very thorough tests knowing that the production version would have had even better performance.

From the first few minutes, we are stunned by the amplifier’s dynamism and swing. It is even able to drive very difficult speakers. The reproduction is very neutral and especially transparent. We also notice that the soundstage is accurate and very stable. 

The vocals are perfectly centred and outstandingly realistic. We hear a lot of details, without making it too analytical. The timbres are rather soft and smooth, but without falling for the dark side like some amplifiers wishing to artificially become soft or “hot”!

The 24V version reaches its bass limits on tower speakers, which is normal given the fact that it’s not designed to drive speakers five times more expensive. 

However, the 32V version allows to take advantage of far more difficult speakers and to explore the deep bass of some high-end models!

To conclude, we enjoyed a lot the Octavio AMP which offers a musicality far more superior to its competitors (Sonos, Bluesound...) and most importantly at a very realistic price.

We are also very pleased by the “made in France” which is even the case for the packaging! 


Our favourite!


Amplification power with 24V power supply: 65W (4Ω)/35W (8Ω)

Amplification power with 32V power supply: 100W (4Ω)/60W (8Ω)

Amplification output: 92%

1W UFB: 0.0005%

Wi-Fi: b/g/n Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

Ethernet: RJ45

DAC: 24-bits/192 kHz

Optical input: 24-bits Toslink/192 kHz

USB input: 24-bits/192 kHz

Analogue inputs: 2(RCA)

Analogue output: Subwoofer

Compatible audio formats: FLAC/OGG/ALAC/WMA/APE/MP3

Bluetooth: 5.0 A2DP

Streaming compatibility: Deezer, Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon Music, UPnP…

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 4 cm

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Octavio AMP amplifier

Octavio AMP amplifier


Octavio Virtuose application

Compatible with Deezer, Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon Music...

Optical and USB digital inputs (24 b / 192 kHz)

Bluetooth 5.0


Made In France

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