ASA Monitor Standard Bookshelf Speakers

High-end two-way speakers
Made in France
Stand optional

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Manufacturer : ASA

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I've been the proud owner of a pair of ASA MONITOR Standard for 20 years, so I was thrilled to take the latest version of these speakers out of their box!

The packaging is exquisite and I like the cotton cover around the speaker. The satin lacquer is understated yet well finished. It comes in four finishes: black, ivory, satin grey and red. The weight of the speaker speaks books about the quality of the cabinetwork! It is made of 28 mm thick MDF panel, which is almost twice as thick as the average speaker models in this range. The previous version used Dynaudio drivers. For quality and supply reasons, ASA worked with a famous Norwegian manufacturer. The drivers are produced to SEAS specifications. The treble is controlled by a tweeter with a 27 mm soft dome. The mids/bass are handled by a great 18 cm driver derived from the Norwegian manufacturer's Excel line. The system operates with a bass/reflex principle with a small port open onto the front. The speakers are symmetrical and must be used with the tweeter in the centre of the listening zone. The filters are definitely one of the centrepieces of these ASA Monitor Standard bookshelf speakers, as are all the brand's products. It has been optimised after playing and measuring for hours. The components used are of premium quality and perfectly measured and paired prior to coating. The capacitors are from Mundorf and the coils come from Jantzen Audio. The single connector admits banana plugs, spade connectors and bare wire.


It is fairly simple to operate. It is possible, and advised, to place them on a dedicated stand (ASA Monitor stands) or other average weight stands with a height between 60 and 80 cm. The height can vary depending on the space you have in the room you have your system in.


We used these bookshelf speakers with several mid-level and high-end tube and transistor amplifiers to assess their personality, qualities and potential flaws. In regards to the latter, they have very little...if not none. They require great quality electronics and Hi-Fi source. As they let everything through, the slightest harshness, the slightest weakest link benefits from the magnifier effect from these ASA Monitor Standard. Paradoxically, they are not very difficult to drive. Their 89 dB efficiency and quality, and definitely the apparent simplicity of their filters, do not require unnecessarily complicated systems to operate their drivers. Thirty watts from a tube amplifier or fifty watts from a good integrated transistor amp are enough.


They clearly display incredible potential in terms of dynamics, definition and neutrality. They beat their siblings on all accounts, the ASA Monitor Baby bookshelf speakers. They exhibit the great spatialisation, yet with more depth and precision in terms of section placement. The vocals are amazingly centred with stunning precision. Articulation and precision showcase the subtleness of the musician's playing. The bass is taut, with great dynamics and legibility. It seems devoid of any colouration and substance, as is unfortunately often the case. It goes deep down with dynamics and substance that speak books about the optimisation of the internal damping and loading, and the quality of the cabinetwork. The dynamics on the drums and percussion sections are extraordinary… They stand out with a lot of ease and realism.


We understand why some professionals use these ASA Monitor Standard speakers. But they are primarily designed for audiophiles with exacting standards looking for an authentic sound quality. These speakers are part of the flagship products of genuine French acoustics! Our top pick!


Principle: 2-way bass/reflex

Woofer: 18 cm

Tweeter: Cloth dome mm

Frequency response: 37hz – 30Khz

Sensitivity: 89 db/1m/1W

Power handling: 90 W RMS

Impedance: 8 ohms

Connection: compatible with banana plugs and cables up to 6mm²

Enclosure: 28mm MDF

Dimensions: 370 x 250 x 330 mm

Weight: 12 kg unit

Finish: glossy varnish

Stand: Optional

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Excellente enceinte française

C'est avec du recul que je peux enfin noter ces enceintes. Achetée en juillet 2022 sur le site, ces enceintes sont extrêmement bien construites.
Son très large et très neutres. Elles descendent très bas pour leur taille. Meilleures je dirais que mes anciennes PMC Twenty 22 qui déjà étaient excellentes.
Sur mon ensemble Naim je peux tout écouter à fort volume avec mon Supernait 3.
Vraiment elles ne bronchent pas et tout y est. En plus ce sont des enceintes françaises "Cocorico". Merci à de proposer des enceintes comme cela sur leur site surtout à un prix très abordable et compétitif au regard de leur grande musicalité. Un vrai régal.
Musicalement. Thierry



L'ASA Monitor Standard est une excellente enceinte.
Étant passé d'un très réputé ampli de puissance à transistors à un ampli à tubes, il me fallait trouver une enceinte suffisamment rapide et facile à piloter par des tubes EL84 (de faible puissance, donc) sans rien concéder au rendu musical. Les enceintes "haut-rendement" et "large-bande" que j'ai pu côtoyer n'ayant pas répondu à mes attentes, je me suis tourné vers les ASA, leurs 89 dB étant proches des 90 dB minimum demandés par les EL84. Après avoir écouter les ASA Monitor Baby qui, déjà, répondaient bien à me souhaits (rapidité, transparence, présence), j'ai malgré tout voulu tester les Standard : et là, c'est la révélation : les qualités de la Baby se retrouvent multipliées sans contestation possible. La musique se matérialise d'une façon indubitable ; les instruments sont d'une présence évidente ; les voix prennent corps ; tout est là, clair, précis, bien situé dans l'espace sonore.

Oui, vraiment, l'ASA Monitor Standard est une superbe enceinte mais qui demande un matériel très musical et d'excellente facture en amont.

Tout compte fait, peut-être que sont seul "défaut" serait qu'elle aurait tendance à nous faire monter en gamme en amplification et en sources.

NB : les pieds ASA prévus pour ces enceintes ne sont pas à négliger. Ils permettent aux enceintes de s'exprimer pleinement.

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ASA Monitor Standard Bookshelf Speakers

ASA Monitor Standard Bookshelf Speakers

High-end two-way speakers
Made in France
Stand optional

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