Ortofon Hi-Fi LH-10000 headshell

Universal mount high-end headshell

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Manufacturer : ORTOFON

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This Ortofon LH-10000 headshell epitomises Ortofon's expertise in the subject!

It initially designed to pair the manufacturer's TA-110 and TA-210 tonearms with high-end Hi-Fi cartridges such as the new MC Anna, MC A90, MC Winfeld, Cadenza… and the historic cartridges such as the Jubilee and Kontrapunkt.

Ortofon LH-10000: body

It is crafted in an aluminium/zinc alloy having a resistance and hardness similar to steel. With its properties, this material boasts great mechanical resistance.

An Ortofon TPE elastomer 'S' goes through its body boasting amazing damping properties. It guarantees perfect isolation to vibrations and multiple resonances.

Ortofon LH-10000: wiring

Comes with four high end jumper cables.

The famous LW-800S are designed with three pure silver conductors surrounded by 16 silver-plated copper micro conductors. They deliver the signals swiftly with a lot of details and clarity.

Ortofon LH-10000: adjustments

To bring the sound quality on par with the associated phono cartridges, azimuth adjustment has been made possible.

Ideal azimuth adjustment of this is required for optimum channel separation.

Ortofon LH-10000: listening and review

This Ortofon LH-10000 headshell delivers a very clean, detailed sound with outstanding transparency across the entire audio spectrum.

The dynamics also seem superior to the test with other headshell. It is completely ideal for Ortofon's TA-110 and TA 210 tonearms.

A benchmark headshell for music lovers with exacting standards. A new benchmark!


Body: Zinc and aluminium alloy

Weight: 14.5 g

Mounting: Universal

Mounting distance: 42 mm

Diameter of the armbase mounting holes: 2.7 mm

Specified for tonearms with an effective length: 231 and 329 mm

Jumper cables: 7N copper included (4)

Weight: 14.5g

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Ortofon Hi-Fi LH-10000 headshell

Ortofon Hi-Fi LH-10000 headshell

Universal mount high-end headshell

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