Koetsu Bloodstone MC Cartridge

Koetsu Bloodstone MC Cartridge +

High-end low output MC cartridge

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The Koetsu cartridges in the Platinum series are made from mineral rock. The versions vary according to the type of stone used. Each cartridge is made from a block of rock selected by a skilled craftsman. For this cartridge, each block of chalcedony quartz is chosen for its natural aesthetic and quality. The rock is cut into the final shape and carefully polished for a glossy finish. This process requires great expertise. It takes several hours so as not to crack the stone.

The electrical components are meticulously assembled to obtain a perfect magnetic balance and, hence, a finer, smoother and clearer sound quality. The coils are different from other models as they use a high purity (6N) silver plated copper compound. The magnetic system uses strong magnets: 'Platinum Magnets' that are made of a platinum alloy. This hypersensitive motor reacts to the slightest movement of the stylus in the groove. This results in a subtle sound quality and unrivalled precision. The stylus is conventionally fitted to a boron cantilever.

The  Koetsu Bloodstone Platinum cartridge has a relatively low output level, which means that it should ideally be used with a phono preamplifier of the same high quality.


Type: Low output MC

Body: Chalcedony quartz

Coils: Silver plated copper

Magnets: Platinum Magnet

Cantilever: Boron

Output: 0.4 mV

Frequency response: 20 Hz-100 Khz

Channel separation: 25 db

Internal impedance: 5 Ohms

Channel balance: 0.5 dB at 1 khz

Load resistance: 30 Ohms

Weight: 12.5 g

Compliance: 5 x 10-6cm/dyn at 100 hz

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Koetsu Bloodstone MC Cartridge

Koetsu Bloodstone MC Cartridge

High-end low output MC cartridge

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