Transfiguration PHOENIX S MC cartridge

High-end low output MC cartridge

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After trying out this new AXIA that left us speechless, we were wondering what was in store for us with this new PHOENIX S… With respect to the design, it features neodymium and cobalt magnets of its glorious elder sister the ORPHEUS! The coils consist of an amazing thick 5N silver wire built in the USA under the drastic specifications of M. Yoshioka. Its internal impedance is halved and now reaches a very low level of 2 Ohms. It also features a very pure stylus on a boron cantilever. The body is as usual built in anti-resonance and anti-vibration aluminium.

From the opening bars, we realize that it is a far cry from the former Phoenix and very close to the Orpheus! The mids are incredibly present and precise, giving the vocals a stunning realism that gives you goosebumps! The timbre is close to perfection with its fidelity and subtlety. The level of details is stunning, the slightest modulation is entirely extracted from the groove. This cartridge is the essential option for those who love classical or jazz music! But the dynamics, the swing and the impacts in the bass that it reproduces also make it the ideal cartridge for those of you who love Blues, Soul and Rock.

Anyway! In a word, this Transfiguration Phoenix S ranks among the top four or five best Hi-Fi cartridges and is one of the most musical that we have ever tried, irrespective of the price. However, we would like to point out that such sound quality was not possible for this price only a few years ago and we have to admit that for this price, this Phoenix S has no true competition to reckon with. An industry benchmark! Thanks again Mr Yoshioka!


Type: MC

Output: 0.4 mv

Internal impedance: 2 Ohms

Load: > 5 Ohms

Tracking force: 2 g

Dynamic compliance: 12x10-6 cm/dyne

Frequency response: 20 Hz/40 kHz +/- 2 dB

Channel separation: > 27 dB

Channel separation: < 0.5 dB

Body: Anti-resonance aluminium

Cantilever: 0.3 mm diameter, Boron

Stylus type: Ongura PA stylus (3x30Um)

Coils: pure silver

Magnet: Neodymium at the back and samarium cobalt at the front

Weight: 7.8g

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Customer reviews


Quel naturel !!

Cette cellule mérite un préampli à la hauteur pour exprimer toute ses qualités. Dans des conditions optimales de réglage d'impédance le résultat est époustouflant de naturel et de fluidité laissant toute source numérique sur place.Oubliez les bruits de surface et les fins de faces un peu difficiles lecture et le tracking sont parfaits d'un bout à l'autre .
Merci beaucoup à Franck pour ses conseils judicieux.

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Transfiguration PHOENIX S MC cartridge

Transfiguration PHOENIX S MC cartridge

High-end low output MC cartridge

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