Rega TT PSU mk2 power supply

Rega 24 V synchronous motor power supply

Only compatible with RP3,  RP6, RP8 and Planar 3 (2016)

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The new TT PSU MK2 power supply comes factory-fitted with the RP6. It is also featured optionally with the RP3 and other REGA turntable models (P3, P2, P1 and RP1!) that would have been modified with the addition of the 24 V HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTOR KIT. The principle is quite simple: this housing supplies the motor with a very clean AC power supply - less than 0.05% distortion - completely immune to voltage fluctuations and line noise. The new motor and its stage are powered with 24 V that generates no oscillation and, hence, no vibration on the spindle. As the speed of rotation of the motor and platter is related to current frequency, the quartz oscillator built into the TT PSU is used for switching from 33 to 45 rpm by modifying it, without the hassle of having to handle the platter and change the belt pinion! This box has direct benefits. Playback is simply more precise, instrument placement is improved, dynamics are better distributed across the audio spectrum and the music is a lot more open. It's not just a gizmo, it's a genuine upgrade for your REGA...and for this price, we just can't see any reason not to opt for it. When combined with the new high performance belt, it works wonders!


Power supply controlled and stabilised with quartz-controlled oscillators.

Output: 24 V AC.

Precision: 0.05 %

Transformer: External

Dimensions: 182x160x50 mm.


Only compatible with RP3,  RP6, RP8 and Planar 3 (2016) models



Catalogue Rega

4.14 Mo - pdf

Customer reviews
(4 reviews)

Customer reviews


Excellente option !

livraison rapide et bien emballé, l'installation est simplissime.
Le résultat est au dessus de tout éloge et quel plaisir de changer de vitesse par le seul appui d'un bouton ! Je peux enfin redécouvrir des 45T notamment un grand 45T d'un ancien clavecin de 1716 ... Que du bonheur !


Impeccable !

Livraison très rapide, commandé le dimanche soir, reçu le mardi dans la journée !
Je n'ai pas encore eu beaucoup de temps d'écoute, mais certains albums écoutés ont une définition plus précise des basses & des aigus.
Et fini le levage de plateau & tripotage de courroie pour passer en 45 t.



De très bons conseils,

Très réactif et rapidité dans la livraison

Vivement recommandé !


Ce régulateur de vitesse pour ma Rega est vraiment au top ! livraison et colis soigné.ça fait plaisir de s'adresser à des PROS ! à bientôt

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Rega TT PSU mk2 power supply

Rega TT PSU mk2 power supply

Rega 24 V synchronous motor power supply

Only compatible with RP3,  RP6, RP8 and Planar 3 (2016)

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