Arcam rPlay streamer DAC

Wireless DAC
DTS Play-Fi, AirPlay, UPnP
24 bits / 96 kHz

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The Arcam rPlay streamer DAC is in a case identical to the Arcam rSeries irDAC-II DAC. At first sight, it is possible to confuse both of them. However, the Arcam rPlay streamer DAC is a much simpler and less expensive device. It offers an ultra simple solution to make the most out of streaming services on an audio system with a resolution of 24 bits at 96 kHz. Thanks to the integrated Play-Fi technology, it is also possible to stream your music on speakers equipped with Play-Fi!

On the top panel, there are two volume buttons (+ and -) and two LEDs which indicate the status of the connection. On the back panel of the Arcam rPlay streamer DAC, there are fixed line level and variable analogue outputs, a coaxial digital output, and a RJ 45 network jack. The variable output has the same integrated circuit as the amplifiers of the manufacturer. It enables you to connect the rPlay to a high power amplifier. The digital output enables you to connect the rPlay to a DAC or an audio-video amplifier. An antenna offers a WiFi connection, compatible with the 802.11 b/g/n standards, but the RJ 45 network jack offers a more stable connection.

Inside, there is an optimized motherboard in order to reduce the disturbances between the components. These are of the highest order. In order to obtain an audio signal that is as pure and clear as possible, Arcam uses numerous low noise voltage regulators.

The Arcam rPlay streamer DAC is totally compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It can reproduce without any loss all audio files or available online music streaming services. Apple products with Mac OS X can use the Arcam rPlay as a network sound card with streams at 16 bits and 44,1 kHz. The main asset of the Arcam rPlay streamer DAC is that it can be used with any smartphone, tablet, or computer to read HD audio files (24/192Khz) and listen to online music streaming services. The lossless transmission enables you to listen to Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, and all online radios with an excellent audio quality.

The Arcam rPlay streamer DAC is truly wireless! It is simple to use and has an excellent quality which enables the reproduction of audio files shared on domestic networks via DLNA or AirPlay.

The restitution is neutral but has enough nuances and substance to make it realistic. The dynamics are excellent and the tempo is perfectly marked. The audio is of perfect quality even when the volume is high. Medium audio files seem to sound better compared to other devices. However, the full potential of the Arcam rPlay streamer DAC is achieved with high definition files.

The quality/price/music ratio is remarkable.


What Hi-Fi - 2017

On Top Audio - 2017


DAC: Burr Brown PCM5102 (24 bits / 192 kHz)

Processor: Texas Instrument PCM5102

Network controllers: WiFi and Ethernet

Audio streaming: DTS Play-Fi, DLNA et AirPlay

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

Frequency response: 10 Hz at 20 kHz (+/- 0,1 dB)

DHT: 0,0007 %

Signal-to-noise ratio: 117 dB (24 bits)

Output line voltage: 2,15 V RMS

Fixed line level output:1 x RCA stereo

Variable line output: 1 x RCA stereo

Digital output: 1 x S/PDIF coaxial RCA

Network jack: 1x RJ45 Ethernet

Antenna: 1 x WiFi (included)

Dimensions: 190 x 44 x 124 mm

Weight: 1.12 kg

Banc d'essai - What Hi-Fi

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Arcam rPlay streamer DAC

Arcam rPlay streamer DAC

Wireless DAC
DTS Play-Fi, AirPlay, UPnP
24 bits / 96 kHz

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