Cyrus SoundKey DAC

Portable headphone amp/DAC

Black finish

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Music is stored on your phone in different types of digital files. The DAC (Digital-to-Analogue converter) of the majority of smartphones, computers, or tablets is designed to be as cheap as possible.

Quite often, it cannot deliver an audio quality that the stored audio files are actually capable of delivering.

Cyrus SoundKey: features

The Cyrus SoundKey DAC accesses “raw” digital files of your personal stereo or smartphone by using a DAC and amplifier specially designed for Hi-Fi.

The analogue output of the Cyrus SoundKey produces a restitution that is more precise, detailed, and with more impact.

Cyrus SoundKey: design

The Cyrus SoundKey weighs less than 18 grams! To obtain this, the manufacturer Cyrus has not equipped it with a battery.

It was therefore designed to have a very low consumption and thus conserving your phone’s battery life! The higher the consumption of an external DAC converter, the faster the smartphone will run out of battery.

In general, the competing DACs consume about 100 mA. The Cyrus SoundKey was designed to not consume above 50 mA.

Cyrus SoundKey: listening and review

The restitution is clean and detailed.

The sound is open and very nuanced. It significantly improves the clarity and dynamics. Your listening experience will be more pleasant, clearly more realistic, and less fatiguing.

For us, the Cyrus SoundKey DAC is the best DAC it its category! A remarkable quality/price ratio!

What Hi-Fi - Best DAC 2017


Output impedance: between 16 and 64 Ohms (superior impedance possible but with a decrease in power), superior impedances will function but will not be able to be more powerful

Power: 2 x 138 mW in 16 Ohms at 1% THD + N.

Consumption: 50mA

Compatibility: Windows 10, Android 5+ and iOS9 +

Audio format: MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc.

Resolution: up to 24bit/96kHz

Output: 3.5mm Jack

Casing: in aluminium

Size: 5.4cm x 2.3cm x 0.8cm

Weight: 18g

Requires Apple camera kit for connection to iOS devices



What Hi-Fi ?

Best DAC - 2017
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Cyrus SoundKey DAC

Cyrus SoundKey DAC

Portable headphone amp/DAC

Black finish

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