Focal ARIA 948 tower speakers

Tower speakers

3 ways / 4 speakers

Flax speaker

Aluminium/magnesium tweeter

Made in France

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The Focal Aria 948 tower speakers are references in this range that counts 3 tower speakers and 1 bookshelf speaker.

The Focal Aria 948 remains close to the Focal Aria 936 but with slightly different design. It takes the mid-range/treble part of the latter, but the 3 bass woofers are replaced by 2 boomers of 21 cm.


The Aria 948 remains a massive 3-way speaker, very elegant and its look inspires quality.

The cabinetmaking is made of ultra rigid MDF and offers an important mass to the Hi-Fi speaker. It weights more than 35 kg on the balance!

The walls are assembled in such a way so that they are not parallel. This limits vibrations and internal stationary waves and maintains maximum neutrality.

The finish, as always with Focal, is superb! The front panel and the back of the speaker are covered with leather. The top is dressed with a lacquered-black silica plate. The whole gives very high-end look.

The Focal Aria 948 rest on an aluminium alloy base equipped with four height-adjustable spikes, ensuring an excellent stability. This quite heavy set lowers the center of gravity of the speaker.


The high frequencies are entrusted to a superb TNF tweeter.

The suspension that connects the dome to its support uses a shape memory material, called “Poron.” This one is directly derivative from the famous Utopia Beryllium tweeter. This technology divides the distortion by 3 in an area that is particularly sensitive to the ear, between 2000 Hz and 3000 Hz.

The 25 mm diameter inverted aluminium and magnesium dome is fixed to an Urethane plate. It has a waveguide that significantly enables horizontal directivity and allows an excellent sound scene and more accurate performer placement.


The midrange is provided by the superb Flax membrane speaker, obtained by compressing a sheet of flax fibre placed between two thin sheets of fibreglass. Since 2013, it is exclusively manufactured in Focal’s factory based in St Etienne.

This flax fibre allows you to have very natural restitution, precise and without additional coloration.

The bass is entrusted to 3 Flax membrane woofers of 21 cm. They are associated to a “PowerFlow” Bass reflex load that opens on the front panel as well as on the underside of the speaker.


At the back of the Focal Aria 948, there is a simple but high quality terminal block that allows you to connect bare wire, banana plugs or forks.


The set up of these Focal Hi-Fi speakers remains very easy. We recommend you a room of 30 m² as minimum. They will also work in 50 m² rooms.

They do not require a lot of electronics, even if we recommend a good source and an 80/100 “true” watt quality amplifier.

The various combinations with Asian amplifiers of mainstream brand have to be avoided. However, we have surprising results with English and French electronics.


To be honest, these Hi-Fi speakers are a real surprise! They offer restitution both subtle and elegant, with an outstanding listening comfort.

The bandwidth allows you to listen to every kind of music! The bass manages to make a 5-string bass, a double bass and even an organ credible!

The timbres are superb and very realistic and coherent. They provide a very human and “live” approach to restitution.

The voices are superb by their presence and lack of aggressiveness and hardness. We are fully conquered by the musicality of these tower speakers.

However, do not expect a demonstrative and outrageous sound reproduction! The Aria 948 reproduces music with an elegance and nuance rare enough to be highlighted!

The sound scene is also a good example. It will delight orchestras and opera lovers. The placement of the musicians is precise and very stable.

These Focal Aria 948 tower speakers show the know-how of the manufacturer, and make the “true” High Fidelity accessible. Note that it is fully “Made in France” and most of the competing models are made in Asia...

A real surprise, recommended without moderation!


Audio Video - 2014 - Best Buy - 2013


Type: 3-way bookshelf

Load: Bass-reflex

Frequency response at -3 dB: 37hz – 28 KHz

Frequency response at -6 dB: 31hz – 28 KHz

Output: 92.5 dB

Nominal impedance: 8 ohms

Minimum impedance: 2.5 ohms

Filtering frequency: 280/ 2600 Hz

Midrange: 1 x “W” 16.5 cm Flax speaker

Bass: 2 x “W” 21 cm Flax speakers

Tweeter: 1 x TNF Alu/Magnesium inverted dome of 25 mm. Poron suspension

Recommended amp power: 40-250 W

Dimensions: 1150 x 420 x 371 mm

Pair weight: 70 kg

Banc d'essai - Stereo

1.45 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Stereoplay

1.2 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Music Emotion

4.29 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi y Muzyka

0.81 Mo - pdf



Audio Video


Best buy - 2013
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Focal ARIA 948 tower speakers

Focal ARIA 948 tower speakers

Tower speakers

3 ways / 4 speakers

Flax speaker

Aluminium/magnesium tweeter

Made in France

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