Monitor Audio Silver 6 Tower Speaker

2.5-way floorstanding speakers/3 speaker drivers

Sold in pairs

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The Monitor Audio Silver 6 speakers are the first floorstanding speakers in the Silver range. They comprise a large number of elements and solutions developed by the manufacturer for the GX and Platinium ranges. The Silver 6 is a 2.5 way speaker. This means that electrically, it is a two-way speaker, although acoustically, it is a three-way system. Actually, the filter used is that of a 2-way floorstanding speaker, but the woofer is processed so that it cannot naturally reproduce midrange/treble frequencies and loaded in a greater volume. Hence, three drivers dedicated to three distinctive sections of the frequency response. The midrange-treble range is similar to the Monitor Audio Silver 1 speaker. It incorporates a 25 mm C-CAM® tweeter with a new damped chamber. It sends the frequency response above 35 kHz and reproduces a finer and brighter treble than competitor tweeters. The bass/midrange are handled by a great 150 mm RST cone driver! It is tuned by a rear bass/reflex. It is backed in the bass range by another RST 150 mm cone driver tuned by a bass/reflex with a port opening onto the front. These two ports are optimised with the 'Port bass-reflex Hive ® II' technology. It accelerates airflow inside the cabinet to deliver a more articulate and accurate bass. The drivers are bolted via their motor by a threaded rod to the back of the speaker. This 'Single bolt-through' solution wards off vibration, colouration and distortion when the drivers move. The cabinetwork is made up of 20 mm thick MDF panels and features several internal reinforcements. The capacitors and coils for filtering are top grade quality. The internal wiring comprises silver-plated copper. The double terminal accepts large cables and 6 mm banana plugs. The driver grille is magnetic. The speaker sits on an MDF stand with isolation spikes. The build and assembly quality are flawless! The 6 available finishes (lacquers or wood) are also striking! 

These Monitor Audio Silver 6 require a 48 hour breaking-in period to find their balance. We recommend placing them at least 60 cm from the side walls and 40 cm from the rear wall. With these precautionary measures, the Silver 6 give off a precise, clear and open sound reproduction. It boasts an amazing balance that makes it a thrill to listen to. The treble is very clear and defined. This register is particularly clear and precise with no harshness. The mids are amazing! The vocals are present and precise with a rare emotional touch for a speaker within this price range! The dynamics are impressive and the bass is very punchy and articulate. The soundstage is both wide and deep whilst being accurate and authentic. This Monitor Audio Silver 6 really impressed us! It can be considered a safe buy in this range, and even above... 



Choc de Classica

HD FEVER - Best Choice


Tweeter: 1 x 25 mm C-CAM

Midrange: 1 x 150 mm RST

Woofer: 1 x 150 mm RST

Frequency response: 35 Hz-35 kHz

Gain factor: 90 dB

Impedance: 8 ohms

Nominal power handling: 60 – 150 W

Weight (unit): 16.5 kg

Weight (pair): 33 kg

Dimensions: 936 x 245 x 300 mm



Choc de classica

HD Fever

Best Choice
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Monitor Audio Silver 6 Tower Speaker

Monitor Audio Silver 6 Tower Speaker

2.5-way floorstanding speakers/3 speaker drivers

Sold in pairs

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