Monitor Audio Silver 2 Bookshelf Speaker

2-way bookshelf speakers/2 speaker drivers


Sold in pairs

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The Monitor Audio Silver 2 bookshelf speakers are the natural elder siblings to the Monitor Audio Silver 1 speakers. Like them, they comprise a large number of elements and solutions developed by the manufacturer for the GX and Platinium ranges. The Silver 2 is a two-way speaker. It incorporates a 25 mm C-CAM® tweeter. It features a new damped chamber to increase the frequency response beyond 35kHz! It also delivers a finer and clearer treble than competitor tweeters. The bass/midrange are handled by a great 200 mm RST cone driver! Like the entire range, the drivers are bolted via their motor with a threaded rod at the back of the speaker. This 'Single bolt-through' solution wards off vibration, colouration and distortion when the driver moves. 

The bass/reflex tuning port is optimised by a 'Hive ® II bass-reflex port'. It opens onto the back of the cabinet. This technology significantly accelerates airflow inside the cabinet, which results in vibrant and well articulated bass. The cabinetwork includes 20 mm thick MDF panels and features several internal reinforcements. The filtering capacitors and coils are top grade quality. The internal wiring is meticulously built. It comprises silver-plated copper. The double terminal accepts large cables and 6 mm banana plugs. The speaker grille is magnetic. You cannot miss the amazing build and assembly quality, along with the 6 beautiful finishes. 

Two-way monitoring speakers incorporate a 20 cm driver are quite uncommon nowadays! On the other hand, I have great recollections of some Rogers, B&W and Kef models that worked great with large diameter midrange/bass speakers. I couldn't wait to listen to this Monitor Audio Silver 2! The average efficiency does not make them too hard to drive. We got great results with a good 50W British integrated amplifier. From the opening bars, it became clear that the sound reproduction is very 'Rock'. The dynamics are impressive and the bass range is wide and punchy. The advertised frequency response is as expected (40-35 000 Hz!). The soundstage is amazingly wide and precise for a speaker of this size. The definition is impressive across the entire frequency range. The mids are clean and on par with the brand's standards. Very open, clear with no harshness. The vocals are reproduced with a level of emotion and presence that few speakers in this range can match. This Silver 2 can be considered as a great monitoring speaker in the noble sense of the term! It is one of our top picks!



Diapason d'Or


Tweeter: 1 x 25 mm C-CAM

Midrange/woofer: 1 x 200 mm RST

Frequency response: 40 Hz-35 kHz

Gain factor: 88 dB

Impedance: 8 ohms

Nominal power handling: 40 – 120 W

Weight (unit): 9.7 kg

Weight (pair): 19.4 kg

Dimensions: 375 x 230 x 335 mm



Diapason d'or

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Monitor Audio Silver 2 Bookshelf Speaker

Monitor Audio Silver 2 Bookshelf Speaker

2-way bookshelf speakers/2 speaker drivers


Sold in pairs

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