Atoll PR200se Preamplifier

Class A analogue preamplifier
Made in France

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The Atoll PR200 SE preamplifier is replaced by the Atoll PR200 Signature preamplifier.

The Atoll PR200 SE preamplifier is the French brand’s midrange model. However, it is very reasonably priced, offering remarkable, almost unrivalled, performances for the cost. It gives you several different connector options, and boasts qualities that make it a benchmark product in this price range.


The front panel of this Atoll PR200 SE preamp is faithful to the Atoll look. It features the same brushed aluminium, available in silver or black. It has an imposing dial for adjusting the volume and a set of small buttons for selecting your source. There’s also a 6.35mm headphone jack and a standby button. On the back panel are 5 line inputs, 1 Tape Out, 1 bypass input (HC) and 2 preamp outputs for use with power amplifiers. All of these are RCA sockets and allow for vertical or horizontal bi-amplification (using one amp per voice or register). One of these line inputs can be used for an Atoll P100 phono stage or Atoll P50 phono stage, or even an Atoll DAC or Atoll Wireless receiver module. But the catch is you can only use one of these devices at a time!


Atoll consistently delivers excellent production quality, and this preamp is no exception. It features exclusively top shelf components, and has a larger power supply (over 330 vA!) and filtering capacity (30,000 uF) than other devices of its kind. As usual with Atoll, the circuit sounds clear and authentic.


And it couldn’t be easier or quicker to set up. The Atoll PR200 SE preamp is the perfect companion to the Atoll AM100, Atoll AM200, or Atoll AM80 (SE or earlier models) power amplifiers. It delivers a dynamic, precise and well-defined sound quality. The bass is tight and well-articulated, even more so than the Atoll PR100 SE preamp. And it delivers a similarly impressive sound stage and spatialization.


This preamp offers remarkable value for money, letting all you music lovers out there build a high-end Hi-Fi system without breaking the bank. Genuinely unrivalled quality! We highly recommended it! +++


Inputs: 4

Tape in: 1

Tape out: 1

Bypass in: 1

Preamp out: 2

Headphone output: 1 x 3.5mm jack

Frequency response: 5 Hz -200 kHz

Remote control: Yes

Power supply: 330 vA

Filtering: 20 000 uF

Sensitivity: 500 mV

Rise time: 1.3 uS

Signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB

Weight: 7 kg

Dimensions: 440 x 90 x 270 mm


Remote control: optional

Phono stage: optional

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Atoll PR200se Preamplifier

Atoll PR200se Preamplifier

Class A analogue preamplifier
Made in France

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