Micromega MyCable Speaker Cable

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The Micromega MyCable speaker cables come as standard with interchangeable banana and fork connectors. The body of these connectors are made of polished metal with a 24-carat gold plating for long-lasting protection. The banana plugs have split centre pins to ensure maximum contact pressure. The conductors are made of OFC (oxygen-free copper) to ensure maximum signal preservation. This type of copper has been stripped of 99.999% of its oxygen. To ensure flawless conductivity, the conductors of the MyCable speaker cables are silver-plated. The cables come in one size only: 2 x 3m. 

French brand Micromega is constantly striving to evolve as a company. Each Micromega product has been carefully designed to produce sound reproduction of the highest quality. Every component of a Hi-Fi system is as important as the next, and the connections between them are an integral element of the whole setup. To get the most out of your Hi-Fi system, your speaker cables must be up to scratch. And the Micromega MyCable speaker cable is more than up to the job, breathing new life into any pair of speakers!


Speaker cables

Interchangeable banana/fork connectors

Length: 2 x 3 m

8 banana plugs and 4 fork plugs

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Micromega MyCable Speaker Cable

Micromega MyCable Speaker Cable

Speaker cables

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