Pro-Ject Speaker Box 4 Bookshelf Speakers

2-Way bookshelf speakers

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The Pro-Ject Speaker Box 4 bookshelf speakers are available in 3 different colours (red, black and white), each complete with a striking lacquered finish.


These 2-way bookshelf speakers have a sealed box enclosure that has been specifically designed to minimise unwanted vibration during playback. It is this closed box loading system that distinguishes them from the Speaker Box 5 speakers, which use a bass reflex system with a rear-firing port. The mid-woofer has a 100mm driver with a braided composite membrane, and the tweeter has a 25mm dome made of synthetic silk. The highly effective filter that directs the bass, midrange and treble into the appropriate drivers is worth a special mention. It has an output of 86dB.


The Pro-Ject Speaker Box 4 bookshelf speakers are designed for rooms under 20m², and cut just as fine a figure on top of a Hi-Fi cabinet as they do sitting on dedicated speaker stands like the Stylum 1 by Norstone. And this is precisely why these bookshelf speakers are particularly well-place for delivering bass with fantastic timbre and articulation. Playback is made no less powerful by the honesty of the sound quality.


When we tested them out with a Topaz AM10 amplifier by Cambridge Audio and a Project Debut Carbon vinyl turntable, the musicality these speakers delivered was second to none. The sound they produced was highly enjoyable, smooth and balanced. And the value for money isn’t bad either...


Highly recommended for exacting audiophiles on a budget!


Tweeter: 25 mm

Midrange/woofer: 100 mm

Wall mount included

Impedance: 4 ohms

Power handling: 10 – 100 W

Weight: 140 x 228 x 160 mm

Dimensions: 2 x 2.55 kg

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Pro-Ject Speaker Box 4 Bookshelf Speakers

Pro-Ject Speaker Box 4 Bookshelf Speakers

2-Way bookshelf speakers

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