Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 Tower Speakers

3-Way/4-driver tower speaker

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The Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 boasts the same excellent design as its little sister the Venere 2.5, and is the Italian brand’s entry-level tower speaker model in this range. It is 3-way speaker with 4 drivers. It has the same distinctive lines and aesthetic as the rest of the Venere range, but this time in the form of an imposing tower almost 1.2m high! Sonus Faber certainly know how to create the perfect blend of acoustics and aesthetics. And when you look around at the competition, this skill isn’t a given, even with the more prestigious brands! The complex design of the cabinet prevents a lot of the problems caused by standing waves inside the cabinet. Its curved lines have been crafted from 19mm thick multilayer wood panels. The backbone has been cut out of the same block as the cabinet to ensure optimum rigidity. The quality of each finish is superb, whether it's white, black or wood. The latter is gorgeous and strikingly modern, but is unfortunately more expensive than the others. 

The drivers were designed in collaboration with the German designer DKM (Dr. Kurt Muller).  Which is a major indicator of quality! The tweeter is fitted with a 29mm silk dome, with a small inset to increase output and reduce directivity. The midrange is fitted with an 150mm composite membrane known as Curv™. The bass frequencies are transmitted through two 180mm woofers which have their own bass reflex loading system, with a front-firing port at the bottom of the speaker face. The midrange/treble frequencies use a closed box system. The baffle is slightly sloping, which ensures that the four transducers are perfectly in phase. The terminal can accommodate large stripped cables, banana and fork plugs. It is also set up for bi-wiring and bi-amplification. We recommend using fork plugs. They provide the largest contact surface area as well as excellent clamping force. The Sonus Faber 3.0 rests on a toughened glass base, which itself sits on excellent aluminium decoupling feet. As always with Sonus Faber, the quality of this speaker's finish and assembly is remarkable. It's hard to find better quality for this price!

The Venere 3.0 speakers require good quality transistor or tube Hi-Fi equipment with a minimum output of 50W. We recommend using them in a large room and placing them at a generous distance from the walls. We also recommend trying them out for several tens of hours before deciding exactly where you want to place them in the room.

The Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 has to be the most well-balanced and most musical speaker in this range. If you have a budget of €5000, you should definitely keep these speakers in mind – they'll save you €1500!

And at this price, there really is no competition.



Tower speaker

Principle: 3-way bass/reflex

Tweeter: 25 mm neodymium magnet

Midrange: 150 mm Curv/cone

Bass: 2 x 180 mm Curv/cone

Frequency response: 45-25 000 Hz

Cut-off frequency: 250 Hz, 2?5 Khz

Sensitivity: 90 dB SPL

Impedance: 6 ohms

Recommended power: 40W - 300 W

Dimensions: 1175x340x438 mm

Weight: 21.5 kg each

Weight in packaging: 60 kg for both

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Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 Tower Speakers

Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 Tower Speakers

3-Way/4-driver tower speaker

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