Ortofon RS-309D tonearm

Ortofon RS-309D tonearm

12 inches

Ortofon SH4 headshell

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The Ortofon RS-309D 12 inch tonearm of the D range transcends the reproduction of analogue sounds to reach a higher level, thanks to VTF (vertical tracking force) options adaptable to all requirements, and a dynamic balancing device with improved stability, the case of uneven tracks and other tracking anomalies.


Graduated control with dynamic balancing of the VTF (vertical tracking force), thanks to a new design for the spring.


The new spring with short turns, housed within the rotation spindle unit, eliminates unwanted vibrations in the tonearm.

The VTF can be finely adjusted with great accuracy in the 0 to 5 grammes range, thanks to a digital measurement thanks to a digital measurement function for the force, built into the device.

The antiskating control can be set from 0 to 5 grammes, via a calibrated dial.

The tonearm height (hence the VTA) can be adjusted easily on the tonearm base.


Cartridge support and removable cable, having standard SME connections. 


Ortofon's RS-309D tonearm comes with Ortofon's SH-4 black headshell.




Tonearm length: 12 inches

Effective weight without headshell: 4g

Weight of supplied headshell: 15.5g

Distance between stylus and bearing: 329mm

Distance between bearing and platter centre: 314mm

Offset: 19°

Overhang: 15mm

Tracking force adjusting range: 0-3g

VTA adjustment: 42-57mm

Diameter of the armbase mounting hole: 34-36mm

Diameter of the centre shaft of tonearm: 16mm

Counterweight: For cartridge + headshell under 25g

Headshell included: SH-4 Black

Digital scales included: DS-1 

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Ortofon RS-309D tonearm

Ortofon RS-309D tonearm

Ortofon RS-309D tonearm

12 inches

Ortofon SH4 headshell

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