Fostex TH-600 Hi-Fi headphones

Fostex TH-600 Hi-Fi Headphones

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The Fostex TH-600 Hi-Fi headphones is replaced by the Foster TH-610 Hi-Fi headphones.

The Fostex TH600 Hi-Fi headphones possess a wide dynamic range and very low levels of distortion. They have two 50mm biodynamic membranes (1 Tesla magnetic field) and neodymium magnets. The earpiece ear pads are made of a synthetic leather material made from egg protein that is far more lightweight than leather. The cups are made of super lightweight magnesium, creating undeniable comfort. The TH600 headphones are fitted with a 3m cable and 6.35mm gold-plated jack connector. It has an impedance of 25 Ohms. It has an impedance of 25 Ohms, a frequency response of between 5 Hz and 45 kHz and a sensitivity of 94 dB.

The Fostex TH600 headphones are an exceptionally high quality set of headphones. Fostex is Japanese brand that has been around since 1973. It is well known in the world of home studio technology, but is increasingly producing Hi-Fi equipment. The Fostex TH600 headphones deliver a deep bass register, beautiful mids, and a treble that is by no means too harsh.


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Transducers: 500 mm

Membranes: biodynamic

Neodymium magnets (1 Tesla)

Impedance: 25 Ohms

Frequency response: 5 Hz – 45 Hz

Sensitivity: 94 dB

Cups: magnesium

Conductors: 3m

Connector: 6.35mm gold-plated jack

Weight: 370 g

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5.01 Mo - pdf



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Fostex TH-600 Hi-Fi headphones

Fostex TH-600 Hi-Fi headphones

Fostex TH-600 Hi-Fi Headphones

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