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Whatever your musical tastes, at the end of the day, what matters is the sound that your Hi-Fi system delivers. And that's what has to offer.'s expertise

Fifteen years exploring the analogue world in general is essentially what makes the difference between and other online websites dedicated to Hi-Fi. Our team is made up of genuine High-Fidelity experts. This know-how was gradually built up through extensive training abroad, including in the USA and in several European countries. We carefully examine your needs. You'll get the best audiophile solutions. You can ask for personalised advice whenever you need it. The team will be delighted to share their extensive knowledge of the subject.

The website features many models, including Thorens turntables and Ortofon cartridges. We apply very strict selection criteria in a constant concern to present you with the best quality. We travel to the USA and across Europe to source the best products and we take part in trade shows.

The products that we select undergo in-depth technical analysis. We also lend a careful ear to the sound. Quality is paramount. We strive to present our customers with the best products.? services

?You have recently purchased turntables or accessories from For your information, all our products are covered by warranty. You'll also get good after sales service. Even if the warranty has expired, you can always contact the team for any issues occurring during use. The website takes care of the entire purchase. Before you even place your order, you can get tips and read our fact sheets. They will help you make the right decision. Then you can track your order from the order until the product is delivered to your home. You can also get assistance to set up your product if necessary. ??In addition to all these advantages, offers other interesting advantages such as repair or trade-in of your old equipment. From the website you have free access to the list of records of the month as well as videos. In the special deals section, you'll be able to save some money. This passionate and perfectionist shop primarily sells products from leading brands. This is the ultimate address to save to your favourites to find a High-Fidelity accessory or equipment item in just a few clicks.