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You love everything music-related? Then maPlatine.com, the website dedicated to High-Fidelity and analogue technology should pique your interest!


A passion for turntables

Music lovers like yourself one day decided to indulge in this passion. They met with other enthusiasts and several experts to hone their expertise. Now full-fledged specialists, they founded maPlatine.com with the aim to give expert advice to all the enthusiasts out there.

With good training, they were able to be selective with their products to only opt for the best sound quality. Most products sold on the website are actually built by the leading manufacturers on the H-Fi market. maPlatine.com therefore carefully selects the products available on their portal. The products are selected according to strict criteria such as quality, manufacturer, design and sound quality.


Rediscover the record player

Venture out to discover the record player. We also offer turntables from the German manufacturer Clearaudio. This way, you're sure to have the best quality. If this name is new to you, then you should wait no longer and look up their products on our website. You'll find reviews from web users and specialists who will no doubt give you the incentive to buy one! ??You have so many memories with the stereo system. And you're prepared to buy one if you find the right one. What would you say if we told you that a stereo system is waiting for you at maPlatine.com? Get onto your computer and browse our website for the selection of models. Beat your family and friends to it and buy one. If you can afford it, buy several to give to members of your family or friends who like this type of equipment. 

??Does the Pro-Ject Debut Esprit Carbon turntable ring a bell? You'll find it on maPlatine.com. This is a manual turntable. Though it has retained the assets of the previous generations, it also boasts special features. One of them is the new design, as well as the new carbon tonearm that delivers a better sound quality. The musicality is improved, giving a special edge to the sound of your records.