how do you store your records ?

How do you store your records ?

To obtain good quality sound, the Hi-Fi equipment you own must reflect your requirements. But if your vinyl records are badly maintained, or badly stored, you cannot hope to achieve good sound quality. So how do you store your records?

1. Your records must be stored in sleeves

We can never repeat it enough but you must always store your records in sleeves.

There are many models of record sleeves: inner sleeves, outer sleeves, paper or plastic sleeves, sleeves for 33 rpm, 45 rpm, for double albums… In short, there are no excuses for not storing your records correctly.

Inner sleeves are used to keep your LPs clean, limit static effects and prevent residues from being deposited in the groove.

Pochettes intérieures Tonar Nostatic pour 33t

As for outer sleeves, they are used to protect the packaging of your record. These sleeves are generally made of plastic, which also makes it easier to store your vinyl records.

Pochettes polypro pour double album 33 tours

2. Your vinyl records must be stored vertically

To store your records correctly, they must be placed vertically (or standing). Above all, never pile up your precious LPs horizontally, as we often see!

If your records are laid flat, they may become misshaped and warped. During playback, the sound will therefore be affected and you can damage the stylus of your phono cartridge.

This is particularly why in your record shops the vinyls are always stored vertically on display!

Bacs de disques vinyles

The best thing to do when storing your LPs is also to push them together slightly so as to stop them from warping.

3. Store your records in a dry place away from heat

Vinyl is a material that is sensitive to temperatures. Hence, you should store your LPs away from any heat source to prevent the vinyl from heating and thus becoming warped. So never store your vinyl records near a radiator or a fireplace!

Moisture must also be banished for vinyl records. Never store your records in a cellar or any place affected by moisture. Mould just loves to encrust itself in the grooves and you will find it difficult to repair the damage (unless you have a high-quality record cleaner).

Machine à laver les disques Clearaudio Smart Matrix Pro Silver

4. Presentation of Estis furniture for storing your records

Estis is a French company that creates furniture for storing your vinyl records. Moreover, you can also store your vinyl turntable and other equipment that makes up your Hi-Fi system.

The special feature of Estis furniture is that the units are manufactured in noble material: the oak or beech give them a great look. THE strong point that makes you love this furniture for storing records is that they are custom made according to your interior or even your LP collection. Hence, you can choose the width of the furniture to within a centimetre, between 50 cm and 2 m!

Meuble vinyle en chêne 90cm


This furniture allows you to be certain of storing your records correctly as well as your Hi-Fi equipment.

5. Storing and organising your records

Now that you have all this advice you can be sure that your records will be stored correctly and not become damaged. As for the rest, you can do what you like!

You can store your records in alphabetical order, by label, by artist, by year of production (chronological order), you can thus store your LPs by musical genre, or even by colour!

Do what Jérôme (joint-founder of does, storing his records by genre and by artist in his Expedit furniture.

Jérôme et sa collection de disques vinyles

Do what Franck (joint-founder of does, storing his records by label and in alphabetical order in his Expedit furniture.

Franck et sa collection de disques vinyles


We hope that this advice will help you to store your records correctly. If you need further information, our technicians are naturally fully available by e-mail ( Enjoy storing your records!