in the 2016 press

In 2016, our press review continues to increase with several appearances in the major media: French radio RTL2, Journal des Entreprises, Express Tendances...


La chasse aux vinyles, grâce à votre smartphone (Hunting for vinyl records with your smartphone) - 18/04/2016 - Radio RTL2

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Rennes. Un nouveau président au réseau Initiative (A new chairman for the Initiative network) - 18/07/2016 - Le Journal des Entreprises

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15 platines vinyles pour une expérience musicale différente (15 records for a different musical experience) - 25/07/2016 - L'Express Tendances

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Classement Alexa des startupsrennaises (Alexa ranking of Rennes startups) - 24/09/2016 - Twitter @top_startups_35

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Classement Alexa des startupsrennaises (Alexa ranking of Rennes startups) - 29/10/2016 - Twitter @top_startups_35

Classement Alexa des startupsrennaises - 29/10/2016 - Twitter @top_startups_35

#Rennes What if users could help you finalise your product during a massive test day? - 08/11/2016 - Maddyness

Article de presse Maddyness sur journée UX à Rennes

40 tests of applications and websites at French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo - 10/11/2016 - TVR Soir

Thursday, 10 November we were at the French Tech of Rennes/St-Malo to test our new website!

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