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Purchasing Hi-Fi equipment requires careful consideration. Though you may sometimes come across good deals if you're lucky and don't know any better, savvy music lovers know that Hi-Fi equipment should only be purchased from professional dealers who will provide appropriate advice. If you've walked into a shop and find that the seller's answers to your questions aren't quite convincing enough, it's best to leave and find expert professionals who know what they're talking about.


Purchasing Hi-Fi equipment online

Why not just stay at home and buy your Hi-Fi equipment online? On www.maplatine.com, you'll be in contact with music and Hi-Fi lovers and experts. We're not just about selling Hi-Fi equipment. We have extensive knowledge of all our products as we have carefully selected them for their high performance levels. We always get back to you with answers to your questions by e-mail as soon as possible.

Hi-Fi purchase can range from care accessories to the most technically advanced equipment. Whether you love music or collect records, our website offers a wide selection of high-quality products from leading brands (e.g. Pro-Ject, Rega, Thorens, and more). Almost all the product data sheets for the items we sell are reviewed: turntables, Hi-Fi cartridges, phono preamps, and more. When you purchase your Hi-Fi equipment from us, you'll soon realise how much we love our job.


The best high end Hi-Fi equipment

Always on the lookout for high-quality Hi-Fi equipment, we strive to offer the very best products, such as limited editions, to the likes of the Pro-Ject ART-1 turntable. To meet our customers' requirements, we cover major international trade fairs, where we get the opportunity to talk to other Hi-Fi professionals. From payment to delivery, the entire online Hi-Fi purchase process on www.maplatine.com is also fully secure. Each product is covered by warranty and we provide assistance for any problem with one of our products, even after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Our aim is to make any Hi-Fi purchase from our website a pleasant experience that will convince even those of you who had so far never dared to buy Hi-Fi equipment online.