Purchasing your turntable - maPlatine.com

Turntables have been back on the scene for a few years now and take pride of place in many homes. This new-found popularity is not only a matter of nostalgia, it's also because of the good sound quality. Whether you're a collector, a lover of analogue sound or of vintage equipment and objects, it's important to know how to go about purchasing a turntable.

Buying a turntable online

Visit www.maplatine.com to buy a turntable according to the features of the models on offer, your personal requirements and budget. Audiophiles recommend buying a turntable to listen to vinyl records for better sound quality. Some modern turntable models also feature a USB interface allowing you to transfer your records onto a computer.

Key features you have to look out for when purchasing a turntable include the type of operation (automatic, semi-automatic, etc.), drive type, type of phono preamp you have or intend to purchase, other features (automatic change from 33 rpm to 45 rpm, USB port, etc.), the Hi-Fi cartridge mounted onto the turntable and rotational speed (33 rpm, 45 rpm or 78 rpm).

A turntable for every buyer

Direct drive turntables are usually popular with DJs as they allow for faster platter start-up times and offer an adjustable pitch. On the other hand, belt-driven turntables better capture the musicality and authenticity of the sound. If you buy a turntable from our website, you'll be assured to have full details about the equipment's features. Turntable prices range from a few hundred to several thousand euros. When you decide on a turntable, make sure that its specifications are in line with its intended use and your budget.