2013 was a productive year for maPlatine.com. We were able to find our niche in the High Fidelity market, and more specifically in analogue music. As a result, in 2013 we decided to launch a new website devoted to digital music, which later became www.machainehifi.com. With articles in Ouest France, Le Parisien, On Mag and the Télégramme, as well as two appearances on France Télévision - one on France 2 programme Télé-Matin and France 3 Bretagne - we were able to showcase our work and skills in online sales.

maPlatine.com makes (sound)waves in the world of vinyl - 06/03/2013 – ouestfrance.entreprise

Ouest France's article about maPlatine.com

Confidence: the bedrock of online sales - 04/2013 – Ouest France

Ouest France's article about maPlatine.com



After vinyl, maPlatine.com invests in digital music - 28/05/2013 – ouestfrance.entreprise

Ouest France Entreprises's article about maPlatine.com


maPlatine.com: We are reappropriating music in the digital world - 13/06/2013 – Le Parisien

Parisien's article about maPlatine.com


Report on maPlatine.com on France 2  Télématin - 08/2013 -

Report on France 3 Bretagne - 08/2013 –


maPlatine.com: specialist vinyl site opens its own auditorium - 27/10/2013 – on.mag

On-Mag's article about maPlatine.com


On-Mag's article about maPlatine.com


The return of vinyl – The big turntable gold rush - 15/12/2013 – Le Télégramme

Le Télégramme's article about maPlatine.com