Denon DCD-600NE CD player

Audio CD player

CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA compatible

AL32 Processing

32-bit / 192 kHz DAC

Optical output

Remote control

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Manufacturer : DENON

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Denon, like many established brands with over 50 years of history, maintains its signature design and aesthetic that have defined its identity. The Denon DCD-600NE CD player continues this tradition with its brushed aluminum front, distinguished by its characteristic wave pattern.


Despite being Denon's entry-level CD player, the DCD-600NE is impeccably crafted with flawless finishing. The front panel features a centrally located disc loading tray and on the left, direct access keys to basic functions. The included RC-1234 remote control mirrors these functions and offers additional features.

The back panel of the Denon DCD-600NE is straightforward yet effective: it includes an RCA stereo analog output and an optical digital output in Toslink format.


The Denon DCD-600NE does not support SACD, which is of decreasing importance given its price point and market trends.

It features "AL32 Processing" digital processing technology combined with the PCM5142 32-bit/192 kHz DAC chip, derived from the higher-end 800NE series. This setup ensures precise handling of digital data.


The audio reproduction is detailed and transparent. The Denon DCD-600NE pairs seamlessly with the Denon PMA-600NE integrated amplifier.

It boasts excellent dynamics and a surprisingly expansive soundstage for a player in this price range. The CD player exhibits a balanced sound profile without major flaws, allowing for extended listening sessions without listener fatigue.

Compared to competitors like Cambridge Audio, the Denon DCD-600NE tends to offer a slightly less colored sound signature.

Given its price point, there are few serious competitors to the Denon DCD-600NE in terms of performance and value.

Highly recommended!


Compatibility: CD / CD-R / RW / SACD / WMA / MP3

Digital processing: AL 32

Analog output: RCA

Digital output: 1 Toslink optical

Input/output: Remote control bus

DAC: Burr Brown PCM5142 (192 kHz / 32 bits)

Frequency response: 2 Hz-20 kHz

Dynamic range: 100 dB

Signal-to-noise ratio : 110 dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.00

Remote control: RC-1234

Dimensions: 434 x 273 x 107 mm

Weight: 4.3 kg

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Customer reviews


Lecteur CD Denon DCD-600NE

Appareil parfait pour mon utilisation.


Lecteur CD Denon DCD-600NE

ce produit répond à mes attentes. les délais et conditions d'expédition et de livraison sont impeccables. Rien à redire !

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Denon DCD-600NE CD player

Denon DCD-600NE CD player

Audio CD player

CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA compatible

AL32 Processing

32-bit / 192 kHz DAC

Optical output

Remote control

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