Atoll CD80 Signature CD player

Teac Audio mechanism

SPDIF and Toslink outputs

DAC Burr-Brown PCM1793

Remote control

Made in France

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The Atoll CD80 Signature CD player is the second CD player of the French manufacturer's "Signature" range.


The CD80 Signature comes in a new metal case with a superb 4mm brushed-aluminium front panel (silver or black)! Of course, this front panel takes the new design of Atoll products.

Below the tray, a low power consumption OLED display gives the different playback and range information. On each side, there are 3 control buttons that take over the main functions (play, stop, pause, forward/backward...).

The back panel provides an asymmetrical stereo analogue output, a digital output in S/PDIF coaxial format and a Toslink optical output.


This CD player features Teac Pur Audio CD mechanics optimized to reduce jitter to a minimum. It is mounted on a central anti-resonant chassis to avoid any vibration that would damage the playback.

The CD80 Signature player accepts CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs in MP3, WMA and AAC formats. It is also compatible with the CD Text if the CD has one.

To limit all interferences, Atoll opted for 5 regulated power supplies, dedicated to analog and digital. A transformer is used specifically for the audio stages.

The analog output stages are symmetrical with discrete components that are fully polarized in Class A.

The digital part is built around the excellent Burr-Brown PCM1793 conversion chip. It offers a resolution of 24 bit/192 khz.

This CD player of the Signature range can also be equipped as an option with the Atoll CD Signature card with 3 digital inputs: a coaxial input (24Bits/192kHz), an optical input (24Bits/192kHz) and a USB-B input. This allows you to use the internal digital-to-analogue converter of the player for external sources.


The Atoll CD80 Signature CD player offers a quite neutral and very balanced restitution. Dynamics and transparency are outstanding on the whole spectrum.

We find the spontaneity and generosity of the Atoll CD50 Signature CD player with much more nuance and subtlety. Same principle for the medium, that offers greater harmonic richness and presence.

The transparency is perfect on the whole spectrum.

The bass is wide and very expressive. It is also successful on an organ, a large piano and of course also on an electric bass or double bass.

This CD player, by its neutrality and musicality, is very polyvalent and will delight jazz, rock or classical music lovers.

This Atoll CD80 Signature CD player is superbly built and offers a dynamic and attractive restitution that answers the demand of many music lovers and audiophiles. The optional Atoll CD Signature card is also an additional advantage.

The Atoll CD80 Signature offers an excellent price/quality ratio! Recommended!


N/A converter: Burr-Brown PCM1793

Mechanics: Teac Pur Audio

Resolution/sampling rate: 24 Bits/ 192 Khz

Output stages: symmetrical with discrete components polarized in Class A

Compatibility: CD, CD-R, CD-R W and MP3, WMA AAC

Output level: 2.5 VRMS

CD signal-to-noise ratio: 113 dB

CD distortion rate: <0.002 %

Power supplies: 5 regulated power supplies

Transformers: 30 VA

Capacity: 12 892 uF

Bandwidth: 5-20 kHz

Dimensions: 440 x 280 x 90 mm

Weight: 5 kg

Banc d'essai - Vumètre

0.98 Mo - pdf

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Lecteur CD atoll CD80

Possédant une platine cd britannique je n'ai rencontré que des problèmes ,mécanique défaillante. Apres un entretien téléphonique je me suis finalement décidé pour cet attol
Au début ça surprend ,c est très clair chaque note d une viole de gambe et très clairement et sobrement retranscrire. Mais ce sont les grands ensembles symphoniques qui sont le plus étonnant
Une grande image une neutralité parfaite.le grave est la ou il doit ce trouver et le sacre du printemps se trouve bien devant nous
Évidemment la neutralité a un inconvénient ca neutralité justement. Plus de colorations flatteuses .un formidable lecteur CD .je le recommande et je recommande également ma platine.,com .je ne suis qu'au rodage de l appareil. Soyer patients



ce lecteur nous reconcillie avec nos cd. une neutralite et une transparence n 'avais jamais entendu chanter la quitare de Clapton aussi clairement.avec le cable atlas en modulation et le furutech en alimentation c'est divin!!! et je ne suis quant periode de rodage.cela fait pratiquement dix ans que je remercie Franck a chaque commandes, et je suis fier d'etre un de ses plus fidèles clients merci a toute l ' equipe de ma platine .com de partager notre passion!!! response

Merci pour votre confiance et fidélité.


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Atoll CD80 Signature CD player

Atoll CD80 Signature CD player

Teac Audio mechanism

SPDIF and Toslink outputs

DAC Burr-Brown PCM1793

Remote control

Made in France

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