Atoll CD30 CD Player

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The Atoll CD30 CD playeris fitted with a USB input (Host), which means it can be connected to and play music directly from your computer, thus transforming into a multi-source player. The CD player and USB input are powered separately to prevent any kind of interference. It has a TEAC mechanism (Pure Audio) and uses a (DAC) Wolfson WM8729 converter. 

The Atoll CD30 CD player comes with a multi-function remote control, but can also be controlled via the buttons on the front panel. A display screen on this panel indicates the track being played and shows the CD-Text when the CD provides it.

On the back panel is a stereo RCA analogue output, which lets you connect the Atoll CD30 to an integrated amplifier or preamplifier. A popular option for this is the Atoll IN30 integrated amplifier

The CD30 CD player by Atoll is a rare breed, as it is fairly uncommon to find a USB input on this type of device. The Wolfson converter contributes to its fine, detailed sound. The top end of the spectrum is fine and very precise. And, interestingly, this product was designed and produced entirely in France.


D/A converter: Wolfson WM8729

Resolution/sampling rate: 24 bits/192 kHz  

Audio stage with discrete components

Output stage: symmetrical/discrete

Compatibility: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 format, access to CD Text

Digital input: USB

Output level: 2.5 VRMS

CD signal-to-noise ratio: 105 dB

USB signal-to-noise ratio: 95 dB

CD distortion rate: <0.005%

USB distortion rate: <0.03%

CD dynamic range: 105 dB

USB dynamic range: 95 dB

CD frequency response: 5-20 kHz

USB frequency response: 5/-20 kHz

Dimensions: 440 x 280 x 90 mm

Weight: 4.5 kg

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Atoll CD30 CD Player

Atoll CD30 CD Player

CD player

USB input

Remote control

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