Audioquest Pearl optical cable

Gold Toslink connectors

High-quality fibre

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Manufacturer : AUDIOQUEST

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The Audioquest Pearl optical cable was designed to be the most low-loss possible and have an extremely low Jitter rate.

In fact, the problem with optical fibre transmission is that dispersed light does get through the Toslink cable, but only after it has taken a longer path! This delayed part of the signal prevents the DAC from properly decoding the information. The less dispersion in the fibre, the less distortion in the final analogue audio signal.

For this reason, Audioquest uses very pure optical fibre consisting of 19 synthetic fibre conductors. Each fibre end is polished with precision to prevent any diffraction. It’s connected to good-quality gold-plated Toslink connectors.

Reproduction quality is excellent and doesn’t present any drawback.

This Audioquest Pearl optical digital cable is primarily designed to connect TVs, decoders… to a DAC or a video amplifier, and it does the job perfectly! Moreover, the finesse of this digital cable  allows it to fit in-wall PVC.


Connectors: Gold Toslink

Fibre: high-quality

Sheath: PVC

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Customer reviews



Cable acheté pour remplacer le câble d'origine un peu court. Celui-ci relie un téléviseur à un système Bose GS 321. La qualité est indéniable: le son est clair, les oix sont bien "détourées" et ce cable permet une bien meilleure écoute à un volume beaucoup moins élevé. Cable fin et très souple qu'il faut manipuler avec prudence comme toute fibre optique. A conseiller sans retenue!

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Audioquest Pearl optical cable

Audioquest Pearl optical cable

Gold Toslink connectors

High-quality fibre

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