Audioquest Water XLR interconnect cable

Câble de modulation XLR Audioquest Water +

PSC+ conductor

Copper/Silver XLR plugs

Polyethylene Air-Tube insulation

Triple balanced geometry

6-layered carbon shield

72V DBS bias

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Manufacturer : AUDIOQUEST

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The Audioquest Water XLR balanced interconnect cable is the entry-level of the American manufacturer’s “Elements” range. It stands out for its blue and black nylon finish and blue XLR plugs.

It’s also the manufacturer’s first interconnect cable to be equipped with the DBS bias system.


The XLR connectors are of very good quality. Contact areas are made of high-purity red copper. They feature a silver plating.

Connection to conductors is achieved by seamless cold-welding.


Like usual, Audioquest used Solid Perfect Surface Copper+ (PSC+) conductors.

This architecture prevents electrical and magnetic strand-interaction. Perfect-Surface’s smooth and pure surface eliminates hardnesses and increases clarity compared to lower-quality materials. Its extremely pure architecture minimises distortion as well.

Of course, this XLR interconnect cable is balanced: 2 similar conductors for hot and cold as well as a ground conductor connected to the screen. It’s combined with 6 carbon layers to protect the signal from electromagnetic noise and interference.

Conductors are inserted inside air-filled polyethylene tubes. In fact, air is the best insulator. The reason being that it absorbs next to no energy and polyethylene is low-loss, provides little distortion and limits out-of-focus effect in reproduction.


From the first few measures, we are stunned by the soundstage width. Vocals and instruments seem more present and better spatially defined. It seems like the true potential is shown and that distortion was further removed. Everything is more readable and clear, without high frequencies being artificially accentuated.

The sound is more natural and a lot more nuanced compared to most interconnect cables from the competition. The musicians and their instruments’ performance are more evident and smooth.

The Audioquest Water XLR also seems to play the neutrality card and is not very demonstrative. On the contrary, it keeps a low profile and favours music!

In this configuration, the cable length is not really a problem for the Audioquest Water. Therefore, it can be used to connect a preamplifier to mono power units with 2 x 3m long cables.

The Audioquest Water XLR interconnect cable is an unquestionable success, a reference in this range. It boasts an exceptional value for money for a balanced cable!

Would recommend!

Note: This Audioquest Water interconnect cable is also available in RCA version.


Connectors: Silver-plated red copper male/female XLR

Conductors: Solid Perfect Surface Copper+ (PSC+)

Structure: balanced

Bias: 72V DBS system (Dielectric-Bias System)

Shield: NDS proprietary technology, 6-layered carbon

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Audioquest Water XLR interconnect cable

Audioquest Water XLR interconnect cable

PSC+ conductor

Copper/Silver XLR plugs

Polyethylene Air-Tube insulation

Triple balanced geometry

6-layered carbon shield

72V DBS bias

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