Naim Audio Powerline power cable

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Manufacturer : NAIM AUDIO

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Naim Audio took 30 years to focus on the quality of power cables. And now, it’s done! As with everything that comes out of the Salisbury design office, the Naim Audio Powerline power cable features a very atypical approach, but one that is fully justified by hours of comparative listening.


This beautifully constructed power cable uses a completely new IEC female plug unique to Naim Audio. On the other hand, the male plug is a Rhodium Furutech. The UK version differs, using a Naim Audio version. It’s unfortunate that the French version does not receive the same attention… However, the Furutech is of excellent quality.

It is always surprising to see the influence of such connectors, and I encourage the skeptics to give it a try. Admittedly, maintaining objectivity is challenging, as these areas are always quite subjective.


In any case, the listening results of this Naim Audio Powerline are surprising.

The bass immediately becomes much deeper and, above all, much more articulated. The midrange seems much richer and brighter, and the fine qualities and smoothness in the upper spectrum are evident.

The music feels less stressed, the soundstage is very credible, even if it is much less expansive than with some competing power cables.

In any case, this Naim Audio Powerline power cable is perfect for finalizing an already excellent Hi-Fi system… It’s a bit like the cherry on top!


Power cable

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Naim Audio Powerline power cable

Naim Audio Powerline power cable

Power cable

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