Kondo AN-AI tonearm lead

2m long cable

Pure silver Litz

4 pure silver strands

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Manufacturer : KONDO (Audio Note)

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All Kondo silver wires are produced by Kondo Audio Note Japan and are made of 99.99% pure silver.

They are treated specifically for skin effects and then covered by six layers of special polyurethane varnish applied immediately after wire drawing.

This proprietary varnish acts as a silver protector and prevents RFIs. Of course, it also allows to prevent oxidation and to obtain an appropriate mechanical surface damping.

The wire is then age-annealed to enhance its structure. Know that the music signal has an electro-chemical composition. Alternative current causes chemical changes to the wire alloy.

Age-annealed copper and silver wires provides purer and softer sound than heat, cold or chemically annealed wires. Kondo Audio Note Japan is the only audio manufacturer using this expensive process to produce their wires.

The silver tonearm leads from Kondo Audio Note Japan are to this day among the best conductors in terms of sound quality. Their pure silver Litz wire structure provides the reproduction with extreme transparency and softness without any distortion.

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Structure: Pure silver Litz wire

Dimensions: 200cm

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Kondo AN-AI tonearm lead

Kondo AN-AI tonearm lead

2m long cable

Pure silver Litz

4 pure silver strands

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