Grado Black-3 P-Mount/T4P cartridge

Cellule P-Mount/T4P Grado Black-1 +

Moving magnet cartridge (MM)

Elliptical stylus

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Manufacturer : GRADO

129,00 €

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Grado unveils its mid-level cartridge in T4P version, the Black-3.

For further information, browse the product details for Grado's Black-3 MM cartridge and browse our product review.


Frequency response: 10 Hz 50 kHz

Principle: Moving Iron

Channel separation: 30 dB

Loading: 47K

Output: 5 mv

Recommended tracking force: 1.5 g

Stylus type: elliptical

Inductance: 45 mH

Resistance: 475oHm

Compliance: 20 CUs

Weight: 5.5g

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Grado Black-3 P-Mount/T4P cartridge

Grado Black-3 P-Mount/T4P cartridge

Moving magnet cartridge (MM)

Elliptical stylus

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