Klaudio Ultrasonic Cleaner record cleaning machine

Ultrasonic record cleaning machine.

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Manufacturer : KLAUDIO

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For many audiophiles and journalists, this great KLaudio Ultrasonic Cleaner is a Premium record cleaning machine.


Its principle is fairly simple! It removes grease and foreign particles from the groove by ultrasound.

It is ever so easy to use: all you need to do is pour a litre of distilled water in the reservoir and start the cleaning cycle. A cycle takes between 3 and 9 minutes, depending on how dirty your record is. It includes cleaning and drying on both sides. The reservoir is emptied via a small tap and tube… simple and efficient! The manufacturing quality is amazing, it actually looks like a medical device.


The bonus of this record cleaning machine clearly lies in the fact that it requires no detergents to clean the record grooves, or any chemical and alcohol.

Besides being very easy to use, the Klaudio will leave your records as new! 


We can confirm that the cleaning result is very high end. We tried records before and after cleaning and for many of them, it was almost magical! In addition to surface noise and crackling being eliminated, the sound is clearer and more precise! Even with new records, the result is tangible! 


This record cleaning machine is just the treasure we were waiting for!




Absolute Sound

Positive Feedback

Stereo Sound


Principle: Ultrasonic

Wetting agent: Distilled water

Drying: Automatic

Cycles: 3-9 minutes

Weight: 22 kg

Banc d'essais - Vumetre 2017

0.59 Mo - pdf

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Klaudio Ultrasonic Cleaner record cleaning machine

Klaudio Ultrasonic Cleaner record cleaning machine

Ultrasonic record cleaning machine.

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