KT88 Gold Lion Genalex tubes (pair)

A tested and paired pair of KT88 Gold Lion tubes.

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Manufacturer : GENALEX

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In 1957 Marconi Osram Valve Co. (Genalex) marketed the legendary tube, the 'KT88 Gold Lion'. This tube gradually became the heart and soul of Dynaco MK3 and McIntosh MC275, among others. Genalex unfortunately discontinued production in 1980. In the following years, this KT88 became scarce and hence very expensive… Currently, New Sensor Corporation is re-releasing the famous KT 88 Gold Lion Genalex in every detail. It is produced in Saratov, Russia, and features a gold-plated grid wire, carbonised screen grids and a tri-alloy clad plate structure. Its performances live up to the resources used. The sound is full-bodied and warm with beautiful mids and bass with outstanding depth and persistence. Certainly the best KT88 tube currently in production.

Comes in pairs, sorted and perfectly matched. They are perfectly suited to a number of power amplifiers by Mc Intosch, Conrad Johnson, Audio Research, Dynaco, Prima Luna…


A pair of KT88 tetrode tubes

Equivalent to 6550

8 octal pins

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Le Roi Lion

Ce sont les tubes qui équipent mon ampli JADIS DA88s (qui alimente une paire de Martin Logan Ascent)...somptueux, magnifique, magistral...timbres, humanité, énergie, articulation, émotion...impossible de revenir en arrière !



En remplacement de Sovtek 6550 sur un Octave 70SE, spectaculaire évolution! Richesse harmonique, beauté des timbres, ampleur de la scène sonore, c'est un nouvel ampli que je découvre avec un tout autre potentiel !!


Un gain sans conteste en détail et précision, la presence est superbe! j'ai l'impression d'avoir retiré un voile devant mes enceintes... (ampli Conrad Jonhson)


Exceptionnel ,ces nouveaux tubes : des graves tenus ,plus de détail une amélioration impressionnante pour mon modeste YAQUIN MC 100 B

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KT88 Gold Lion Genalex tubes (pair)

KT88 Gold Lion Genalex tubes (pair)

A tested and paired pair of KT88 Gold Lion tubes.

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