Furutech TP60-E power distributor

Power distributor

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Manufacturer : FURUTECH

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This beautifully built Furutech TP60-E power distributor mains splitter contains no filtering or protective system. The musical results are only due to the quality of the passive components used and their treatment.

Furutech TP60-E: design

The GC-303 coated aluminium case provides full isolation from EMI.

All six receptacles have a Shuko format and are 24k gold-plated. They undergo cryogenic treatment which gives them low resistance and reduced noise level.

The electrical and mechanical contacts are amazing.

The internal wiring is very meticulously designed, with the use of Furutech's 14AWG. This also makes for very low resistance that delivers fabulous energy transfer.

Furutech TP60-E: plug

To get the full benefit out of this power distributor, it is essential to plug the devices to the 'live' phase.

It can be determined using several methods. The simplest one is to try both directions and then decide which one you think is the most musical.

But the most precise one is measuring : get hold of a voltmeter and contact us. We will tell you what to do. 

Furutech TP60-E: listening and review

Once the equipment is wired to the Furutech TP60-E power distributor, you will immediately notice the difference.

The sound quality is more precise, with richer and lighter timbres. The low noise level makes room for the details and makes the musical atmospheres very authentic.

The sound stage is dramatically wider and clearer, with everything in its place.

Would recommend!


6 x non-filtered receptacles

24k gold-plated contacts

GC-303 EMI-absorbing coating

Alpha Cryogenic Process

Non-magnetic housing

2500 Watt/10A

Weight: 0.980 kg

Dimension: 200x130x60 mm

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Sans question

Tout ce qui est décrit par mes prédécesseurs est avéré sur mon système. Mais je pense passer sur le modèle au dessus car mon système le mérite.
Bien garder à l'esprit que c'est un investissement de départ car il faut investir dans les câbles. Au moins du mur jusqu'à la barrette.
Pour ma part je suis tout en Cardas.
Attention à tout ce qui touche au secteur car certain mariage ou filtrage peuvent être catastrophiques. Avec Furutech on ne prend pas de risque.


superbe qualité de fabrication. Le gain sur l'écoute est indiscutable, mais il dépend aussi du cable secteur avec lequel on le branche, car il est livré seul. Avec un Nordost le résultat sur ma chaine est superbe, beaucoup de détails et de dynamique. Merci pour les conseils.

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Furutech TP60-E power distributor

Furutech TP60-E power distributor

Power distributor

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