Cardas Twinlink A Power power cable

Power cable

Made in USA

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Manufacturer : CARDAS

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The Cardas TWINLINK A is a more affordable version of the Cross Power cable. It has been designed and is recommended for digital (dac, CD) and analogue sources, (phono preamp, vinyl turntable…), and tube or transistor low power amplifiers (< to 80 watts). It clearly brings more precision and details to the sound without adding any harshness to the signal. The timbre seems elegant and more realistic, when it comes to traditional instruments for instance. Piano has a very analogue “feel” and sounds “bigger” compared to the original cable.


An irrefutable musical bonus!


Power cable: European standard

Male socket: Shuko Europe

Female socket: IEC Copper

Conductor: High purity copper 11 AWG multi-strand Litz
Geometry: Golden Ratio
Shielding: Teflon + Air + Cotton

Power: 15 A

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Cardas Twinlink A Power power cable

Cardas Twinlink A Power power cable

Power cable

Made in USA

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