Naim Audio Powerline power cable

Power cable

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Manufacturer : NAIM AUDIO

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It took Naim Audio 30 years to investigate the quality of power cables. And they've finally done it! And like everything that comes out of the Salisbury engineering department, the Naim Audio Powerline power cable boasts a unique approach, fully justified by hours of comparative testing.

Naim Audio Powerline: connectors

The beautifully crafted power cable uses an exclusive and Naim Audio-specific IEC female connector. However, the male connector is a rhodium Furutech connector. It is different with the UK version, which is a Naim Audio version. Unfortunately, the French version has not been blessed with such attention....The Furutech is nonetheless of great build.

It is always amazing to see the influence of such connectors and I would advise all the sceptics out there to give it a try. We have to remain objective, though in some areas, it is always a matter of subjectivity.

Naim Audio Powerline: listening and review

In any case, playback with this Naim Audio Powerline is quite amazing.

The bass is immediately a lot deeper and especially better articulated, the mids are a lot richer and brighter and has the subtlety and reaches the top of the spectrum.

The music seems softer, the sound stage is very authentic, even though it is a lot less ample than with some competitor power cables.

In any case, this Naim Audio Powerline power cable is ideal to complement an already good system… You could say it is the icing on the cake!


Power cable

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Naim Audio Powerline power cable

Naim Audio Powerline power cable

Power cable

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