Furutech e-TP609 NCF power distributor

6 sockets

NCF treatment

Without power cable

Made in Japan

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Manufacturer : FURUTECH

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This Furutech e-TP609 NCF power distributor is the evolution of the well-known TP-609. It takes up the excellent construction of its predecessor.

It is always passive and does not contain any active filtering, nor any filtering or protection system. Its performances and musical results are only obtained thanks to the qualitative choice of the passive components used and their treatment.


The case is made of high quality solid aluminum. The low part receives a NCF treatment. It is assembled on isolation spikes that allow evacuate vibrations generated by the current and particularly by its frequency of 50Hz.

Its GC-303 coating isolates it completely from electromagnetic interferences.


The six sockets are all Schuko type and are made of pure copper Rhodium α (Alpha) plated. They undergo a cryogenic treatment that gives a very low resistance and a reduced sound level.

Their electric and mechanic contacts are exceptional. The body is made of nylon and “NCF” glass fiber with special nano sized piezoelectric crystalline particles.


The internal wiring is exceptionally careful, with the use of the Furutech Alpha22 at 3.8 mm² (<12 AWG). This one also ensures a very low resistance, offering a great energy transfer.

To get the best from this kind of product, it is important to properly connect the devices in power phase. To determine it, there are several methods: the easiest one consists in listen the two directions and then choose the most musical one. But the most precise one stays the measure: take a voltmeter and contact us. We will tell you the process!


Once all devices properly connected in phase, the gain is immediately clear.

Thanks to this Furutech power distributor, the listening is incredibly precise with outstanding timbres. The noise level has decreased while giving a clearer top of the spectrum and above all without aggression.

Musicians and studios seem to be closer. Halls and rooms atmospheres are clearer.

The sound stage is wider and above all precise. All the blurs seem to have disappeared. The sections placement is completely evident.

THE reference! Recommended!

NOTE: this Furutech e-TP609 power distributor comes without power cable.


Schuko connector: Pure copper Rhodium α (Alpha) plated

Body: nylon / special nano sized “NCF” glass fibre with piezoelectric crystalline particles

Damping: carbon

Coating: “NCF” polycarbonate with piezo ceramic crystalline particles

IEC socket: FI-09 Pure copper conductors Rhodium α (Alpha) plated

Coating: GC-303

Internal wiring: Furutech Alpha-22 conductor at 3.8 mm² (<12 AWG)

Chassis: high quality aluminium

Chassis protection: radio frequency interference (RFI)

Conductors: treated by the cryogenic and α (alpha) demagnetizing process

Dimension: 266 x 130 x 56.5 mm

Weight: 3 kg

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Musicalité évidente

Sur un ensemble Naim + platine LINN LP12
Respect de la musique avant tout.
Scène sonore grandiose, beaucoup de présence, timbre raffiné.
Équivalent à une montée en gamme d'un pré-ampli, l'apport est vraiment important.
Le prix de cette barrette secteur est non négligeable, (un pré-ampli haut de gamme chez Naim c'est dans les 5000 €)
Il faut voir cela comme un investissement à long terme.


Excellent investissement

Aéré, clair, dynamique mais soyeux. Un excellent investissement qui bénéficie à toute la chaîne de lecture et d'amplification. Equivalent à une montée en gamme du matériel ( bien vérifier la phase de chaque appareil )

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Furutech e-TP609 NCF power distributor

Furutech e-TP609 NCF power distributor

6 sockets

NCF treatment

Without power cable

Made in Japan

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