Transparent The Musiclink Ultra phono cable

Turntable phono cable

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Transparent Musiclink Ultra phono cable technology is derived from the prestigious MM2 models, though in this case, it is specifically designed to be used with vinyl turntables tonearms. It has a symmetrical design, meaning that it uses two high purity copper conductors for positive and negative signals alike. It has a floating shield which is made of an OFC copper braid and an aluminium foil shield. As with all the manufacturer's products, it features a 'Network' housing with damping and filtering properties, controlling and stabilising resistive, capacitive and induction effects of the conductors. It is more or less elaborate, efficient and impressive depending on the Musiclink quality level. Transparent RCA terminations boast an amazing quality and their bayonet body allows for perfect contact with the socket. This phono cable makes the listening experience incredibly vibrant, to the point that you'll believe that the musicians are playing faster than usual! The frequency response is wide, with deep and tight bass and a high precision treble. The sound stage is significantly wider than with competitor cables, with incredibly natural and precise instrument placement. As with the brand's top products, the timbres are rich and neutral, giving a lot of substance to the vocals, string and brass sections. The details are impressive as it is not artificially enhanced by higher high mids. This cable can be considered as a benchmark in this range and beyond. We now use it with our benchmark system! Highly recommended!


Available lengths = 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m

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Transparent The Musiclink Ultra phono cable

Transparent The Musiclink Ultra phono cable

Turntable phono cable

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