Audio Technica VM 540 ML MM cartridge

MM cartridge
Standard mount
VMN 40ML MicroLine stylus
Made in Japan

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Manufacturer : AUDIO TECHNICA

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Audio Technica's VM 540 ML MM cartridge is derived from the famous Audio Technica AT 440 ML cartridge. It is partly derived from the innovations and technology developed on the manufacturer's high-end models, like the VM 740 ML cartridge. However, to be able to market it at an affordable price, a few technical comprises were necessary.

Audio Technica VM 540 ML - Cartridge

Audio Technica VM 540 ML: VM Technology

It uses the manufacturer's generator that is standard on the 500 series.

It features dual magnets that use the 'VM' technology. Instead of using one large magnet, the two magnets are arranged in a 'V'.

They are accurately positioned according to the positions of the left and right channels.

The VM design of this AudioTechnica cartridge makes for better channel separation and frequency response.

Para-toroidal coils with high purity PCOCC copper conductors improve the efficiency of the generator and offer great linearity.

A shielding plate has been added between the two coils, hence reducing crosstalk between the channels.

Audio Technica VM 540 ML: Needle

Audio Technica's VM 540 EN comes with a great Nude Microline stylus.

This high-end stylus has a response in the high frequencies with less distortion and minimises surface noise compared with a standard elliptical stylus.

It is mounted onto a conical aluminium cantilever. Its weight has been reduced for more velocity and hence better harmonic reproduction and dynamics.

Moreover, the tilting stylus guard built into the Audio Technica VM 540 cartridge is very practical.

Audio Technica VM 540 ML - Needle

Audio Technica VM 540 ML: Body

The cartridge structure is made of a low resonance polymer. This minimises vibration for more precise and clearer playback.

The connectors of this AudioTechnica VM540 are gold-plated. 

Its weight, tracking force and compliance make it compatible with most tonearms.

Audio Technica VM 540 ML: Listening and test review

The sound reproduction with this VM 540 ML is quite similar to the famous and now discontinued Audio Technica AT 150 MLX cartridge.

Tracking is amazing, with a very low noise level.

The bass is perfectly controlled and articulate. Overall transparency is superb with striking clarity across the entire spectrum.

The mids are very neutral and rich in terms of harmonics. As with all Audio Technica cartridges, the overall balance is clear and favours definition.

The treble is typical of Audio Technica, namely defined, fine and very fast. The frequency response is one of the widest in this range.

Audio Technica's VM 540 ML cartridge is one of the best phono cartridges for less than €300.

Would recommend!


Type: MM

Frequency response: 20 Hz-27 kHz

Channel separation: 28 dB

Channel balance: 1. dB

Output voltage: 4. mV

VTA: 23°

Tracking force: 1.8/2.2 g

Recommended tracking force: 2 g

Stylus: MicroLine

Stylus tip shape: Nude 0.12 x 02.2 mm

Assembly: integral

Cantilever: aluminium

Compliance: 18 x 10-6 cm/dyne

Coils: para-toroidal, PCOCC conductors

Moving magnet: VM dual magnet

Load impedance: 47 kOhms

Load capacitance: 100-200 pF

Cartridge weight: 6.4 g

Height: 17.3 mm

Mount: ½ inch screw

Replacement stylus: VMN 40ML, VMN 50 SH, VMN 60 SLC

Customer reviews
(2 reviews)

Customer reviews


Une belle amélioration

Très bon travail les Jap !
J'ai tenter de faire évoluer un tourne disque au niveau de la cellule/pointe après plusieurs recommandation de personnes qui m'avais parler d'une nette amélioration sonore notamment sur les dernières pistes intérieure (bon réglage gabarit oblige) je suis resté sans un mot. La distorsion avec les sillons intérieurs qu'il y avait sur l'ancienne Om 10 (pourtant bien aligné) a était drastiquement réduite. Le son avec cette pointe dite ''Micro Line'' est plus clair et précis. De la petite orto om10 modeste à cette vm40ml la différence est clairement au rdv j'en suis pas revenus.


le top qualité prix

Cellule clair,dynamique,son fin, le grave descend bas, l aigu monte tres haut ,medium propre tres riche en timbre,ecoute tres detaillé, aigu est petillant , je pense a moins de 350 euros dur de faire mieux.

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Audio Technica VM 540 ML MM cartridge

Audio Technica VM 540 ML MM cartridge

MM cartridge
Standard mount
VMN 40ML MicroLine stylus
Made in Japan

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