Viard Audio Silver HD20 RCA interconnect cable

RCA asymmetrical cable

VHQ copper

Silicon sleeve

Made in France

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Manufacturer : VIARD AUDIO

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This Viard Audio Silver HD20 RCA asymmetrical interconnect cable is equipped with the highest quality RCA links from the hexagonal manufacturer. All Viard Audio cables are carefully handmade in France.


This interconnect cable uses copper/silver conductors obtained by a proprietary process developed by Viard Audio and is the subject of a patent application. It consists in recrystallizing high-purity copper by submitting it to a specific firing. The obtained copper is called Cu-VHQ. It then receives silver electrolysis.

The resulting fibres are insulated with a polyethylene sleeve. The shielding is obtained by a silver braiding. The professional RCA connectors are specific. They receive a gold plating and a PTFE (TEFLON) dielectric.

The outer sleeve is made of white silicon, specific to Viard Audio's Silver HD series. It ensures a perfect peripheral insulation of the interconnect cable and allows to get a good flexibility despite the diameter.

The shielding sleeves are manufactured to high precision specifications in AU-4G in order to fit the 12 mm diameter of the Silver HD20 RCA.


The Viard Audio Silver HD20 RCA has a connection direction materialized by an aluminum ring, marked with a red dot.

It takes into account the design in floating mass of the cable, which uses a shield braid connected only on one side, so that no mass loops are obtained.


The Silver HD20 offers surprising transparency and detail! The signal is never damaged, the different musicians and singers are fully legible and tangible.

The listening experience is very airy and offers a very wide and realistic sound scene. The mid-range and treble are of an outstanding neutrality and purity! The voice, brass and string restitution is highly realistic.

We find the tight and very articulated bass, with the surprising dynamics of the Viard Audio Silver HD20 HP speaker cables.

The shielding is of a great efficiency, no noise masks the micro details and the end notes.

This Viard Audio Silver HD20 RCA interconnect cable is a real discovery to us. These "Made in France" cables offer a high-flying restitution that competes with a good number of proven references!

Highly recommended!


Conductors: VHQ/Silver copper

Shield: Cu VHQ copper

Insulator: Polyethylene

Connector: Gold-plated RCA, PTFE insulated

Rings and shielding slee: AU-4G

Sleeve: silicon

Sleeve diameter: 12 mm

Conductor/shield capacitance: 98pF

Inductance: 1 uH/m

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Ces câbles, comme le dirait Franck, sont excellent.
Ils ont tous changé, clarté, détails, justesse médium, aigu, basse et ouverture sonore plus ample.
Surprenant, et couplé aux Hp Hc 20, c’est parfait.
Je ne peux que recommander ces câbles si votre budget vous le permet, cela vaut le coup.

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Viard Audio Silver HD20 RCA interconnect cable

Viard Audio Silver HD20 RCA interconnect cable

RCA asymmetrical cable

VHQ copper

Silicon sleeve

Made in France

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