QED Reference Evolution XLR interconnect cable

XLR interconnect cable available in 3 lengths

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Manufacturer : QED

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British firm QED unveils a new meticulously crafted and fully symmetrical cable and fitted with XLR terminations: the QED Reference Evolution XLR interconnect cable. As always, QED has conducted extensive research work to develop the best conductor, associated with the most suitable shielding.

The three conductors are made of oxygen free copper (OFC 99.999%). They are electrolytically silver-plated. The shield structure comprises intertwining zinc and magnesium foils. This dramatically reduces unwanted capacitance effects between the conductors. It also features a composite jacket that is sufficiently resistant and flexible for optimised use. QED guarantees that this insulator will remove any electromagnetic interference from the conductors.

As often with QED, you can find the beautifully built jacks with the ‘QED’ stamp. The build quality and mechanical support are simply amazing.

You get the extent of its quality from the opening bars. All registers come to life without any confusion, delivering a clear sound. You will hear the brand's signature dynamics with each note delivered to perfection. In a word, this interconnect cable delivers the sound as it is transmitted by the audio source, with no colouration or distortion.

We recommended it to all audiophiles looking for a neutral and seamless cable.


Conductors: Silver plated OFC copper (99.999%) (Section: 0.25 mm²)

Type: three conductors

Shield structure: Zinc/Magnesium jacket

Plugs: QED XLR

Available lengths: 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m

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QED Reference Evolution XLR interconnect cable

QED Reference Evolution XLR interconnect cable

XLR interconnect cable available in 3 lengths

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