Focal Diablo Utopia Evo bookshelf speakers

2-way speaker

Beryllium tweeter

“W” membranes speaker

Power Flowers motor

Optional stands

Made in France

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Manufacturer : FOCAL

12 900,00 €

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The Focal Diablo Utopia III Evo bookshelf speaker is the most “democratic” model in the French manufacturer’s Utopia range. It is also the high-end 2-way speaker of the “bookshelf” size in Focal’s catalog.

It is the “ultimate vision” of the bookshelf speaker. Of course, this model includes most parts of technologies developed in the Utopia Evo range.


Seen from the outside, very few elements are different compared to the Focal Diablo III previous version. We find this compact design with the upper part which includes the tweeter completely separated from the main box.

The assembling and finish quality is outstanding.

This Diablo Utopa Evo speaker is available in 5 different finishes from the Utopia III Evo range: Metallic Blue, Ash Grey, British Racing Green, Carrera White and Black. Meaning : blue, grey, green, white and black!

The box of the Hi-Fi speaker will be fully coated with only one color: the front and the walls are now the same. The cabinet uses a “Gamma Structure”, made of high-density MDF panels and several thicknesses up to 5 cm, in order to get a stable mechanic reference.

The heavy structure obtained avoid vibrations. This structure is fully optimised thanks to a measure by vibration mapping. 

FOCAL DIABLO UTOPIA EVO: mid-woofer speaker

The mid-woofer register is ensured by the wonderful speaker measuring 16.5 cm with a composite sandwich membrane “W” belonging to the third generation. A new suspension/spider couple fully unsaturated is associated with the all.

The whole system is driven by an extremely powerful generator. This multi-magnet magnetic system creates a constant flow without magnetic loss. This system is laden in bass/reflex, thanks to a laminar port, in order to avoid airflow noises, to constrain distortion and to prevent bass dynamic compression.


Focal optimizes space as well, by creating a Helmholtz resonator.

The cavity situated in the tweeter compartment is tuned like a resonator. This enables to smooth bass impedance and remove the typical resonance in the compact speakers mid-bass.

High frequencies are given to the great inverted dome tweeter made of IAL2 pure Beryllium. This transducer offers a very large bandwidth from 2.2 to 40 kHz. Its very low resonance frequency at 580 Hz avoids any disruption in the area of use.


The set is given to an Optimum Phase Crossover (OPC) filtering which ensure an optimal control of the speakers phase 2. The components used are very high level audiophile type.

The wiring of this Focal Diablo Utopia Evo speaker is carefully designed. It seems to be inspired by a famous Dutch brand.

Moreover, there is the “Focus Time”. This is the mechanical phasing of the speakers, which are oriented to the listener. This configuration is noticeable on every model of Utopia and Sopra ranges.

FOCAL DIABLO UTOPIA EVO: terminal blocks

The very high quality terminal block of this Utopia Diaplo Evo allows to use forks and banana connectors. This is a high range version of the German manufacturer WBT.


After fifties hours of running-in period, the first thing that strikes the listener is the bass quality. It is incredibly deep regarded to the dimensions of the Focal Diablo Utopia Evo speakers. In addition, they are remarkably durable and impactful.

The medium is clear and completely transparent. We perceive all the refinements and subtleties of the record. However, they are not artificially put forward! They come to your hears in a very natural way. All with a tremendous dynamic and “swing”. Undoubtedly one of the best medium I have never heard before (or maybe the best one?).

The voices are incredible for their presence and realism.

A great high tone is added to all, which sounds open, natural and without hardness. In the Diablo Evo, this high tone is undoubtedly responsible of the general balance quality. Indeed, it enables natural and nuance with a physical aspect empty of exaggerations.

The soundstage is spacious, natural and fully holographic! By closing our eyes, we carefully perceive each instrument in the scene.

The Focal Diablo Utopia Evo bookshelf speakers can produce a high sound level without distortion and aggressiveness. The general balance stays straight along with a smooth and natural restitution.

These Hi-Fi speakers are the perfect example of the technology serving the musicality!

Some larger speakers at the same price can afford a deeper bass and then give a “bigger” sound. However, if your listening room is less than 25 square meters and you expect transparency, neutrality, coordination and musicality, this pair of Focal Diablo Utopia Evo speakers is, according to me, the best deal! By the way, I adopted them at home…

Highly recommended!


Principle: 2-way speaker

Load: Bass-reflex

Finish: high-quality gloss

Supports: optional stands

Mid-woofer speaker: 1 x 16.5 cm with “W” membrane, Power Flowers

Tweeter: 1 x tweeter IAL2 of 27 mm with inverted dome made of pure Beryllium

Frequency response: 44 Hz to 40 kHz (+- 3 dB)

Frequency response: 40 Hz to 40 kHz (+- 6 dB)

Cut-off frequency: 2.2 kHz

Sensitivity: 89 dB to 1 kHz

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms

Minimal impedance: 4 Ohms

Tolerated power: 200 W

Recommended amplifier power: 25-200 W

Dimensions: 431 x 258 x 427 mm

Weight: 20 kg (per unit)

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Focal Diablo Utopia Evo bookshelf speakers

Focal Diablo Utopia Evo bookshelf speakers

2-way speaker

Beryllium tweeter

“W” membranes speaker

Power Flowers motor

Optional stands

Made in France

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