Davis Acoustics Cezanne Tower Speakers

Floorstanding speaker

3 way

Efficiency 92 dB

35 - 35000 Hz!

Made in France

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Manufacturer : DAVIS ACOUSTICS

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The Davis Cezanne floorstanding speaker was designed to reconcile music lovers and audiophiles! It will work wonders in a listening room or a 20 to 45 m² living room.

Davis Acoustics Cezanne: chassis

It is assembled inside a rigid aluminium chassis. It delivers the reproduction of mid-range frequencies from 300 to 3500 Hz with much detail, precision and linearity.

An ogive is placed centrally to increase dispersion.

Davis Acoustics Cezanne: loudspeakers

To get a swift and firm bass, Davis Acoustics opted for the use of a lightweight and rigid cone. It comprises processed cellulose fibre.

The oversized motor allows this driver to admit strong power and to reproduce high sound levels. The 25 mm coil is immersed in a dense magnetic field, allowing for a swift response of the cone on transient cues.

The mids are loyal to the reputation of the French manufacturer Davis Acoustics. The 13 cm Kevlar cone is paired with a double ferrite. 

The top of the spectrum is policed by a braided Kevlar fibre tweeter. It allows the registers to blend perfectly.

A small lightweight 20 mm diameter coil receives the signal and transmits it to the cone. This technology is rare, because it is expensive, and stems from a study conducted based on the KARLA model. It reproduces frequencies up to 40,000 Hz in a very linear manner.

Davis Acoustics Cezanne: listening and review

The sound reproduction of this speaker is 'vintage' in the noble sense of the term! It is a far cry from cold and dull playback quality.

This Davis Acoutics Cezanne gives off both a very subtle and vibrant music! Reproduction is vibrant, we find ourselves beating the tempo with our foot from the opening bars!

The bass is amazing with its range, presence and articulation. The rest of the registers are on a par with it with an outstanding presence in the mids! But don't get us wrong, the tonal colour remains very neutral and very rich.

This tower speaker hits the mark with every musical genre. Its versatility is a great asset.

In addition, it does not need an unnecessarily complicated system to work. A hundred watt integrated amplifier delivers incredible results.

This Davis Acoustics Cézanne floorstanding speaker favours music and the emotion that comes with it, and that is all that matters!


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Bass reflex: circular ports

Nominal power: 110 W

Maximum power: 150 W

System format: 3-way

Number of speakers: 3

Output: 91 dB

Frequency response: 40-40 000 Hz

Tweeter: 20mm Kevlar cone - voice coil

Midrange: 13 cm Kevlar

Woofer: 17 cm cellulose

Dimensions (cm): 103 x 22 x 33

Weight (kg): 25

Impedance: 4 ohms (min)

Cut-off frequency: 400/4000 Hz

Break-in period: >50 h



Haute Fidélité

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Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Superbes enceintes aux finitions de qualité. Couplées à un IN 200 Signature avec des cables Atlas hyper 3.5 le resultat est bluffant : les basses sont étonnament profondes pour cette taille de boomer, soutenes et précises sans être envahissantes, les aigûs sont de toute beauté et peuvent filer très haut sans brillance excessive, et le medium/ haut medium est tout simplement extra : les voix sont saisissantes, de la profondeur d'un Greg Brown à la puissante precision de Cecilia Bartoli, en passant par le grain d'un Sprinsteen ou la chaleur d'une Diana Krall, le frisson est garanti.
Le plus étonnant est la qualité des timbres et la cohérence des registres, jamais fatigantes pour les oreilles même à haut volume, restituant une dynamique fantastique en particulier sur les vinyles, je ne suis vraiment pas déçu du rendu de ces enceintes, dans une pièce qui est pourtant acoustiquement "compliquée".
Même dans un grand volume elles sont à la hauteur, j'avais un petit doute mais j'ai bien fait d'écouter les conseils de Franck ! Merci.

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Davis Acoustics Cezanne Tower Speakers

Davis Acoustics Cezanne Tower Speakers

Floorstanding speaker

3 way

Efficiency 92 dB

35 - 35000 Hz!

Made in France

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