Davis Acoustics Olympia One Master Bookshelf Speakers

High-end bookshelf speakers
2-way bass/reflex


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Manufacturer : DAVIS ACOUSTICS

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For Davis Acoustics, this Olympia One Master is simply the best small compact speaker ever made by the brand! In addition to being a concentrate of expertise, it ties back with the high-end acoustic tradition: amazing cabinetwork in natural cherry wood, 5th generation KEVLAR cone, specific filter with point-to-point wiring (vintage style!), soft-dome tweeter…

It is fitted with the 13 KLV5 R mid-bass speaker driver. It has made Davis Acoustics' reputation for almost 30 years. It has been significantly upgraded over the years. It is logically and strategically paired with a 28 mm soft-dome tweeter. This combo makes for a perfectly well balanced, vibrant and accurate sound quality. The power is quite high for a Hi-Fi speaker of this size (90 dB). The filters are wired with French conductors from HI-FI Câbles et Cie (copper with a PTFE Teflon jacket). There are 4 gold-plated speaker connectors that accept spade connectors, bare cable and banana plugs. The bass/reflex port opens onto the rear panel and on top of a great golden brass plate. The Olympia One Master speakers have to be positioned 20 cm away from the wall. It has a frequency response from 47 to 21000 Hz! This speaker is entirely hand-built in the Troyes production unit.

The combination with commercially-available electronics is very simple and offers a wide range of options. The speaker's impedance curve yields great results with mid-level amplifiers. However, the obvious potential of the Olympia One Master speakers will work great with a higher end amplifier. We recommend placing them on at least 60 cm high stands with enough clearance. This two-way model, designed for high quality playback within confined spaces, departs from other models with a perfectly linear efficiency curve. You will be impressed with the quality of the timbre and the openness. The bass is precise and subtle with no over-exaggeration, yet it is impressive in regards to the size of the speakers. They deliver a velvety and full-bodied sound. We love their neutrality and authenticity. Definitely one of the two best monitors around in this price range.

Very highly recommended



Diapason d'Or - 2016

Best Buy Haute-Fidélité


Bass reflex: 1 rear port

Nominal power: 80 W

Maximum power: 120 W

System format: 2 way

Number of drivers: 2

Output: 90 dB

Frequency response: 47-21000 Hz

Tweeter: 28mm dome

Woofer/midrange: 13cm Kevlar cone

Impedance: 4 ohms (min)

Cut-off frequency: 4000 Hz

Dimensions: 21 x 26 x 35 cm

Weight: 8.5 kg / unit

Banc d'essai - République du Son

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Banc d'essai - Diapason

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Diapason d'or


Haute Fidélité

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Davis Acoustics Olympia One Master Bookshelf Speakers

Davis Acoustics Olympia One Master Bookshelf Speakers

High-end bookshelf speakers
2-way bass/reflex


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