Grado RS 2e Hi-Fi headphones

Open-back dynamic Hi-Fi headphones

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The Grado RS2e headphones are like a little brother to the RS1e. It builds on all the elements that have made these famous Hi-Fi headphones and the New York-based brand so popular. A vintage leather headband design that makes it quite unique. The earphone chambers are cut from beautiful Mahogany pieces, providing outstanding stiffness and lightness, and generating no awkward vibration and hence, no mechanical distortion. The transducers have an outstanding frequency response 14 Hz/28 kHz! They undergo drastic sorting and pairing. The transducer coil wiring uses HPLC conductors as well as jumper cables, that was specially designed for these headphones 8 high purity copper conductors (High Purity Long Crystal). The design is simply amazing; true craftsmanship in the noble sense of the term. The products are assembled by hand in the company’s historic Brooklyn workshop.


It must be reported that this RS2e requires around thirty hours of breaking in for the sound quality to be perfectly uniform. A decent preamp must be added to it for you to enjoy its full potential. It looks just like its big brother, the RS1e, its shells are just a little bit smaller. Their dynamic range is well-suited to rock music, so they're perfect for fans of acoustic and electric guitar. The sound quality is very spectacular for a shell of this size. The percussion is perfectly rendered with a dynamic and an uncommon accuracy. The bottom of the spectrum is superb and voice has a remarkable playability and presence.


If you dreamed of the RS1e, but felt that its price was unreasonable, you will not regret your choice by turning toward this RS2e. One of our favourite headphones...


Type: dynamic - Operating principle: Open-back - Frequency response: 14 Hz/28 kHz - SPL 1 mW: 98 dB - Impedance: 32 ohms Diaphragm: vented - Chamber: aluminium - Coil: UHPLC (Ultra High Purity Long Crystal) copper - Cable: UHPLC (Ultra High Purity Long Crystal) copper

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Grado RS 2e Hi-Fi headphones

Grado RS 2e Hi-Fi headphones

Open-back dynamic Hi-Fi headphones

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