Grado RS1e Hi-Fi headphones

Open-back dynamic Hi-Fi headphones

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The Grado RS1e headphones builds on all the elements that have made this range and the New York-based brand so popular. Namely, a vintage leather headband design that makes it quite unique. The earphone chambers are cut from beautiful Mahogany pieces, providing outstanding stiffness and generating no awkward vibration and hence, no mechanical distortion. The transducers have an astonishing frequency response 12Hz/30kHz! They undergo drastic sorting and pairing. The transducer coil wiring uses HPLC (High Purity Long Crystal) conductors and jumper cables. For those who were disheartened with the comfort of the old Grado, it must be noted that the RS1e is considered to be one of the best headphones in the world and also one of the most comfortable on the market! The design is simply amazing; true craftsmanship in the noble sense of the term. The products are assembled by hand in the company’s historic Brooklyn workshop.


It must be said that this RS1e needs a good fifty hours of breaking in for the sound quality to be perfectly uniform and that a decent preamp must be added for you to enjoy its full potential.


These headphones have been produced for more than 15 years and were for a long time the high end of Grado production.  They are now a legend and the benchmark for all the brand's fans. Their dynamic range is well-suited to rock music, so they're perfect for fans of acoustic and electric guitar. Drums and percussion are perfectly reproduced with uncommon accuracy. The realism and depth of the lower spectrum is superb. Voices and timbres seem to be clearer than on the GS1000.

One of the most energetic and musical dynamic headphones on the market... a safe buy! 



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Ultra High Fidelity - Exceptional!


Type: dynamic - Operating principle: Open-back - Frequency response: 12 Hz/30 kHz - SPL 1 mW: 98 dB - Impedance: 32 ohms Diaphragm: vented - Chamber: wood - Coil: UHPLC (Ultra High Purity Long Crystal) copper - Cable: UHPLC (Ultra High Purity Long Crystal) copper

Banc d'essai

1.69 Mo - pdf



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Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


MC 79

Ce casque est très confortable,léger et surtout très musical.
La qualité des matériaux utilisés et le niveau de fabrication sont exemplaires.
Aucune distorsion et qualité d'écoute incomparable.
Les basses fréquences sont très bien charpentées.
Le registre médium aigu est très détaillé finement ciselé .
La scène stéréo est large très aérée et la dynamique excellente.
Il convient de le marier à un très bon ampli casque afin d'en tirer tout le bénéfice ex l'ampli casque lehmann.
Ps il faut quelques heures de rodage
Merci à olivier pour les très bons conseils

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Grado RS1e Hi-Fi headphones

Grado RS1e Hi-Fi headphones

Open-back dynamic Hi-Fi headphones

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