Rega EAR mk2 EAR headphone amplifier

EAR mk2 EAR headphone amplifier

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Manufacturer : REGA

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REGA's built-in amplifiers have no headphone output sockets, therefore the British manufacturer has added the EAR. Though it was designed to operate with REGA systems, the connectors and qualities make it completely multipurpose and compatible with all systems on the market (amps, headphones, etc.). It can be used in various setups: either by connecting a digital source, such as a CD player or an analogue source, a preamplifier (REGA phono, mini a2d…) and a turntable directly to its input. Or, if you connect it to the input/output of the monitoring loop of your amplifier (tape in/out) or between your preamplifier and power amplifier. With this setup, actuating the mute switch on the front panel will mute the sound of your speakers and the volume of your preamp will directly affect the volume of your headphones.

The latest version of Rega's famous EAR builds on the ingredients that have made the product a success, yet with a new setup. A new card with shorter leads make for improved dynamics and transparency, the power supply components have been changed to minimise noise and electromagnetic interference. Note that the EAR operates in Class A at normal listening levels. It uses the housing of REGA's new products and is available in glossy grey and black finishes.


Output: 525mw/32 Ohm

Input sensitivity: 331 mv

Input level: 230 mv

Input impedance: 24 kOhm

Minimum recommended load: 32 Ohm per channel

Gain: 21.7 dB

Frequency response: 20 Hz-35 kHz

Power supply unit: PS1 24 v AC/240ma

Catalogue Rega

4.14 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai

4.84 Mo - pdf

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Rega EAR mk2 EAR headphone amplifier

Rega EAR mk2 EAR headphone amplifier

EAR mk2 EAR headphone amplifier

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