Aurorasound Heada headphone amplifier

Symmetrical headphone amplifier

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Manufacturer : AURORASOUND

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After Aurorasound's master stroke with its Vida phono preamplifier, the Japanese brand returns with a benchmark headphone amplifier.

One of the distinctive features of the Heada headphone amplifier are the symmetrical mode outputs with XLR outputs in addition to the conventional 6.35 mm jacks.

Aurorasound Heada: housing

With its wooden housing, its large aluminium feet, its brushed aluminium front panel and large black volume control, this headphone amplifier seems to be straight out of the 70's!

You either love it or loathe it...Personally, though I don't usually dwell on the past, I'm quite a fan!

As you lift off the housing, you will see the perfectly crafted interior parts, in the noble sense of the word!

The boards and internal wiring are fully assembled by hand.

The power supply components are meticulously built to obtain a clean and stable current. 

Aurorasound Heada: front panel and back panel

In addition to the volume control, the front panel of the Heada features a source switch (2), a gain selector, a 6.35 mm stereo jack output, an XLR output (4-pin stereo) and two XLR mono outputs (mono).

The rear panel features 2 RCA inputs, a symmetrical XLR input and an asymmetrical RCA output. 

Aurorasound Heada: features

The boards use many high-quality discrete components, such as metal layer resistors and Wima plastic layer capacitors, Texas Instruments LME49610 buffers, NEC µPC1237HA integrated circuits …

We won't dwell on the controversial topic of the symmetrical mode on headphones (XLR).

Some view it as an asset and others, such as ourselves, are more sceptical. We will let you try for yourselves with your own system and headphones…

Aurorasound Heada: listening and review

We used Grado PS1000e and Fostex TH-900 headphones. With these headphones, the results were particularly convincing!

The dynamics and articulation are impressive! The timbre is full-bodied and vibrant. The manufacturer has obviously focused on musicality.

The bass level and quality of its articulation are amazing.

The Heada boasts a rare airiness and soundstage. You could almost forget that you are using headphones! Even after 5 hours, there is no harshness and you don't suffer from any auditory fatigue.

Yet another success for Aurorasound! This Heada headphone amplifier now ranks among the leading headphone amplifiers of the 21st century!

Just can't recommend it enough!


Stereo Prestige & Image - Best Buy 2015

Audio Accessory - Audio Excellence - 2015

Qobuz - Qobuzissime

High Fidelity (Pologne) - Red Fingerprint - 2020


Output power (XLR, bridged mode): 2 x 2 W at 40 Ω, 2 X 0.8 W at 600 Ω

Output power (jack 6.35 mm, asymmetrical mode): 2 x 1 W at 40 Ω, 2 X 0.24 W at 600 Ω

Distortion (THD+N): 0.004% 1 kHz

Input sensitivity: 1 Vrms (47 kΩ)

Frequency response: 10 Hz – 120 kHz at 1.5 dB

Dimensions: 260 x 100 x 250 mm

Weight: 3.5kg


Banc d'essai Heada

0.43 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - HiFi Statement

1.1 Mo - pdf





Audio Accessory

Audio Excellence - 2015

Stereo Prestige & Image

Best Buy - 2015

Red Fingerprint - 2020
Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Un amplificateur de grande classe

Je n'étais pas jusqu'à présent un grand fan de l'écoute au casque mais j'ai eu l'occasion de découvrir les casques orthodynamiques et j'ai été bluffé par leur capacité à reproduire une certaine vérité . Par contre leur exigence au niveau courant met la barre assez haut en matière d'amplification .L'Aurorasound Heada est absolument exceptionnel tant au niveau de la fabrication que du rendu .C'est très rapide,dynamique, aéré et d'une justesse de timbre n'en rajoute jamais mais ne laisse rien dans l'ombre.Sur du classique on retrouve vraiment ce côté soyeux et lié , cette fluidité de la musique...
Un appareil de très grande classe.

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Aurorasound Heada headphone amplifier

Aurorasound Heada headphone amplifier

Symmetrical headphone amplifier

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