REGA RB220 tonearm

REGA tonearm
Length 9 inches
Balance weight
Automatic anti-skating adjustment

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Rega RB220 : Tube

Rega's new RB220 tonearm features a tube built from a single piece of aluminium.

It is meticulously machined to optimise its efficiency.

Stress on the roller bearings is minimised. They are made of polymer, according to a Rega-patented process.

Rega RB220 : Bearings

The bearings of the Rega RB220 tonearm move with hardly any horizontal or vertical friction.

Also, there is no measurable play in any of the bearing assemblies. Rega claims an adjustment to 1 or 2 microns at the most!

Rega RB220 - Tonearm

Rega RB220 : Assembly

Each RB220 tonearm is meticulously hand-built using custom tools (machining, torque adjustment, etc.) that guarantee best efficiency.

All these precautions allow for perfect tracking and produce a detailed sound quality.

Rega RB220 : Technology

The Rega RB220 can also adjust the tracking force. A gauge will be required to apply it.

The anti-skate is adjusted automatically, hence making this tonearm easier to adjust than previous models.

This centripetal force correction system designed by Rega adjusts the amount of force as the tonearm moves towards the centre of the record.

Rega RB220 : Listening and test review

Rega's RB220 tonearm is a precision product. It delivers a highly detailed and silent sound reproduction.

It can be paired with very high-end MM cartridges and MC cartridges.

Rega is famed for the quality of its tonearms. And the RB220 is no exception. For the price, it seems unrivalled!


Tube: aluminium

Length: 9 inches

Overhang: 17.2 mm

Mounting distance: 222 mm

Effective mass: 11 g

Tracking force: applied by rotation of the balance weight

Requires a tracking force gauge

Mounting: 3 points, with screws

Cable: captive phono

Connectors: RCA

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REGA RB220 tonearm

REGA RB220 tonearm

REGA tonearm
Length 9 inches
Balance weight
Automatic anti-skating adjustment

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